December 9, 2021

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Hitman 3 is the most successful game in the series and will receive ray tracing in its second year

Great success for the study.

Studio IO Interactive bragged about the successful third volume of the Hitman saga, which closed the world of World of Assassination. So goodbye is great. Although it is so amazing that the studio planned to support the game for 2022,

It will start in January with the arrival of Elusive Target Arcade, which will dramatically change the way Elusive Target missions work, and this new mode will provide players with many options. In addition, the developers are preparing new maps, new stories and new ways to play. The first map comes in the spring and the studio shared the first photo.

Another fun news is that Hitman 3 VR will lose the PS VR exclusivity and VR versions of the game will be available for PC gamers as well. In addition, like a layer of icing on a cake, they will have ray tracing support.

IO Interactive revealed that the World of Assassination trilogy has been played by 50 million players, and the third installment was the most successful in the series. However, even this did not convince the creators to create four possible. Worker 47 will receive support in 2022, but after that he will likely retire early. The studio is currently developing a James Bond game and also a mysterious dragon project for Xbox.

Source: IOInteractive

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