January 27, 2022

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Herbato is in Djokovic’s side. Shocked by Vajda: It’s discrimination!

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Marian Vajda is concerned about the situation in Australia. The Slovakian coach of Global Unity stayed at home in Bratislava and saw himself one last time with his coach at the final of the Masters season in Turin.

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“I’m shocked! I didn’t get detailed information, Goran Ivanishevich is there with Novak, but I encouraged Novak over the phone. It’s discrimination, Novak doesn’t deserve such unfair treatment. In the United States, he was kicked out hard for hitting a referee with the ball, and they often put Tree stumps under his feet and now something I’ve never experienced before.

He would never have taken off if he didn’t have a visa. The Australian Open takes care of them. For months, Victoria Prime Minister Daniel Andrews Novak warned they would not let him go. A politician should not be biased towards one person. I totally agree with McName that this is a political move.” Marianne Vajda told us bitterly.

Dominic Herbato.

Source: SITA

Former Slovakian top tennis player Dominic Hrabatu of Marbella, Spain, where he meets often with Novak Djokovic, wrote to us that he is fully on Novak’s side. He treats him as unfair. Olympic winner of Slovak descent from Tokyo, Swiss Belinda Benchova, is also concerned about the issue.

I traveled to Sydney after overcoming the coronavirus outbreak from Abu Dhabi right after the vaccination, and I remember that last year’s Australian Open started with great chaos and a severe quarantine. The organizers promised a lot in it and everything changed into something different every day.” Belinda Pinchova said.

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Unvaccinated and staunchly faithful, American Tennys Sandgren, who had to give up attendance, sent a harsh message to the Australians: “It’s a scandal, they should fight a Grand Slam!” So far, many players have preferred to remain diplomatic, with the exception of Jimmy Murray and Ashleigh Barty, who have delved into Djokovic a bit.

Slovakia has already been returned from the airport

A little while later, but we are still receiving information that Slovak tennis has already tested the strength and uncompromising nature of Australia’s border policy in the form of not being allowed into the country. Trainer Marian Vajda recalled that Rebecca Sramkova had filled out incorrect visas in January 2020.

Upon arriving in Melbourne, her passport control immediately refused entry to the country and sent her on the nearest plane to fly home. We’ll see what they do with Australia’s most successful player Djokovic, who contributed a great deal to fighting the fires the previous year, paying high taxes and only returning $1 million in premiums to the Australian Treasury last year.