December 7, 2021

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Motorola G100

Helped by the departure of the legendary phone brand

The global smartphone market has been moving more aggressively over the past couple of years due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the shortage of semiconductor components, as well as the departure of the LG brand, which succumbed to the smartphone segment.

The dynamics can be seen especially in the US market, as evidenced by new figures published by the research agency Counterpoint Research.

The Motorola brand, which strengthened its position in the annual recognition, was surprised, as was the manufacturer OnePlus, which was among the top five smartphone manufacturers in the US market for the first time. Of course, the stars of the rating, the brands Apple and Samsung, do not leave empty-handed either.

Motorola is focusing more on producing mid-range models and cheaper smartphones that sell better in emerging markets. In America, the LG brand was more successful in this category of equipment, but stopped production and left the market in the summer.

Already in third place

According to Counterpoint Research, Motorola achieved an 8% share in the US market in the third quarter of 2021, thus taking the third place. The best-selling Moto G-class smartphones, for example, the G100 model, was recently launched in the market.

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Photo: Counterpoint Research

The company makes most of its smartphones in China, so its business was not affected by the stop in Vietnam. However, the shortage of semiconductor components does not pick up, and in the long run, Motorola must also struggle.

With a share of 3%, OnePlus managed to make it among the top five smartphone manufacturers in the US market. However, the pressure wasn’t enough to move TCL/Alcatel along from fourth place. However, the group’s share decreased from 6% to 5% year on year.

Apple remains the US unit with a huge market share of 42%. The South Korean giant Samsung was ranked second, with its share in the overseas market rising to 35%.

The US smartphone market grew 9% q-o-q and 1% y-o-y, despite the persistent shortage of components. Thanks to the departure of LG, Motorola and Samsung in particular have gained new customers. Apple benefited from sales of iPhone 13 models in the third quarter, resident analytici z Counterpoint Research.

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