January 22, 2022

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Heavy snowfall in Pakistan's tourist area has claimed at least 16 lives

Heavy snowfall in Pakistan’s tourist area has claimed at least 16 lives

The city of Mari has been visited by a large number of tourists in recent days.

Islamabad. More than two dozen tourists died in cars on their way to a popular sports resort in northern Pakistan, where an unusual amount of snow fell.

According to the Department of Political Affairs, this was stated by the local authorities, who declared the disaster-affected area and prohibited further trips to it. Al Marri is located 64 kilometers northeast of the capital, Islamabad, at an altitude of 2,300 metres.

About a thousand cars got stuck in the snow. According to the authorities, among the dead were Pakistanis, among whom were several women and children. Including a policeman who was in a mountain town in holidays With his wife and six children.

To help those affected by the acts weather The mobilized army also had to come, which at the same time began to clear the roads from the snow that had been attacked and blown away.

The picturesque town of Mari has been visited by a large number of tourists over the past few days – an estimated 100,000 cars arrived in the meantime – curious about the unusually heavy snowfall that has now hit this part of northern Pakistan.

Police constantly warn of traffic jams on all roads to and from the city.

Mari is located about 70 kilometers northeast of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, whose residents love to go on short trips.

Pakistan’s provincial leadership has declared the surrounding mountainous area dangerous and urged citizens not to visit it temporarily for the time being.

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