December 2, 2021

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Healthcare Lab Accelerator will help digital healthcare startups

Healthcare Lab Accelerator will help digital healthcare startups

The program was started by Roche in Central and Eastern Europe, but this year it will include countries from 10 more. To achieve greater impact, the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology company has teamed up with a new strategic partner – EIT Health, Europe’s largest network of healthcare innovators. The HealthCare Lab program, which currently covers 16 countries, is covered by a consultancy focused on innovation and support for start-ups – CIVITTA.

Technology startups from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe have a unique opportunity to participate in a three-month accelerator programme. They get a chance to develop their ideas, and have access to an international network of mentors, business coaches, as well as potential clients and investors. After the programme, the best projects will receive an invitation to develop their businesses with leaders in the healthcare technology industry.

Roche Slovensko created the HealthCare Lab initiative in 2020, thus successfully supporting six progressive digital healthcare startups. Roche wants to build on the positive results of the first year and expand collaboration within the international community of innovators, researchers, healthcare providers and regulators to accelerate the path of leading healthcare innovation to market. “As an innovative global company, we recognize our responsibility to contribute to improving healthcare systems and patients’ lives. We believe that there is an urgent need for active partnerships with startups in the dynamically growing digital healthcare space to accelerate progress in disruptive innovation. We are pleased that after a successful trial year of our accelerator program, we are offering its continuation. Together with our expanding network of partners and experts, we invite everyone who is motivated by a passion to create solutions together for the benefit of patients.” says Darren Wilson, CEO of Roche Slovakia.

Darren Wilson, CEO of Roche Slovensko, which initiated the HealthCare Lab acceleration program in 2020.

HealthCare lab wants to draw attention to patients

Program partners have identified three major common challenges facing healthcare systems in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. They should focus their role on their innovative solutions.

The first challenge is Data management in healthcare. The goal is to solve the problem of fragmented data within healthcare systems and to provide digital solutions to collect data from a number of sources, which will also allow to fetch valuable information for more accurate and efficient healthcare management. How can we ensure more accurate and timely diagnosis of chronic diseases for better health outcomes? This is the main issue of the second challenge, focusing on digital empowerment solutions Screening and early diagnosis. The third area where program organizers anticipate new ideas is Digital therapy and disease management. The HealthCare Lab Accelerator aims to help create solutions that enable more effective treatment of chronic diseases in a transparent and patient-specific manner.

International partnerships covering 16 countries

HealthCare Lab joins the EIT Health platform to leverage an extensive network of leading healthcare innovators and help startups grow faster. “We are pleased to be able to work with Roche on the HealthCare Lab program because we share a common goal: to contribute to a healthier Europe, by supporting exceptional talent from both the developing regions of the European Union and the countries acceding to it. We want to encourage startups with technology solutions to sign up for this three-month programme, which is specifically designed for digital healthcare projects. The program provides a great opportunity to validate your ideas and get invaluable feedback from industry experts,” says Tamas Bekasi, director of business creation at EIT Health InnoStars RIS.

The absolute winner of the HealthCare Lab trial year was Startup CF Hero. The idea of ​​the winning project is to use the app to help young people manage and manage a rare genetic disease – cystic fibrosis

HealthCare Lab’s second year takes on a much larger geographic dimension, thanks to the combination of Roche and EIT Health’s global networks. The program currently covers 16 countries in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. In addition to Slovakia, 15 other countries have partnered with Roche and EIT Health affiliates – Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Thanks to the international partnership between Roche and EIT Health, more than 30 experts and mentors will support startups at a European level.

The HealthCare Lab program is covered by Civitta, an Estonia-based innovation and startup advisory center, which has been a partner of Roche since the start of the initiative. “We believe that the greatest progress comes through innovation. Startups can play a major role in bringing new ideas, new approaches, and new solutions to the healthcare sector. Together with innovation professionals in 16 countries, we want to reach innovators from across Europe to sign up for the HealthCare Lab program so they can grow with the help of healthcare leaders and professionals. “ says Peter Kolsar, partner at Civita Slovakia.

Healthcare Lab Accelerator will help digital healthcare startups

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How will the HealthCare Lab Accelerator work?

Registration in the HealthCare Lab program is open from October 19, 2021 until More information for those interested can be found at Inaugural live broadcast of the informationWhich will take place on November 4. Registered companies from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe with a team of at least two people, a prototype of a functional solution and funding of up to €5 million can apply for the programme. Then, while selecting “Bootcamp”, 9 startups will be selected to participate in the accelerator program from January 2022.

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During the 3-month programme, these startups will have the opportunity to develop their projects with the support of the international network of Roche, EIT Health and leading healthcare mentors. The program will include workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and meetings with trainers, including networking events and meetings with potential investors. The program will end in April 2022 with the Show Day event, from which the winners of each call will emerge.

Healthcare Lab Accelerator will help digital healthcare startups

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More information about the HealthCare Lab program and registration form is available at