January 21, 2022

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Head of VMware Burner: Innovations allow us to respond quickly to market conditions

Head of VMware Burner: Innovations allow us to respond quickly to market conditions

The ability to innovate and quickly adapt to market demands is key to the success of any business today. The pandemic has just confirmed that.

Innovation today, in particular, means providing new digital services to customers – whether it’s a new mobile app, improved e-commerce functionality, or more convenient delivery of merchandise.

How are this and many other IT problems resolved in the enterprise? Online conference will answer that for you VMworld 2021Now you can register for free. Even before it happened on October 6 and 7, we asked VMware Country Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Vlastimil Horak, a few questions.

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Vlastimil Horak, Director of VMware for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

How do you envision the future of information technology?

The cornerstone of our vision is to reflect market demands and solve current problems for our clients. The pandemic has shown us that the key to success lies in being able to respond to an ever-changing market situation, which in practice means quickly creating new applications, whether it’s mobile banking or e-commerce. According to a survey conducted by Forrester, 88% of company representatives assert that customer satisfaction is directly dependent on the improvement and innovation of their applications.

However, more than half of companies say they are unable or unwilling to innovate quickly. there are many reasons. They often encounter a very traditional approach to their infrastructure, which prevents them from quickly taking advantage of cloud or development applications. And this is where VMware helps them along the way. We offer our clients a digital platform that allows them to respond quickly and securely to changing market needs, launch new applications and innovate constantly. This is our vision.

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What is the critical IT for VMware today?

For me, this is not a specific area. Instead, we want to be a trusted digital partner for our customers. Being a “digital architecture” allows them to do everything quickly and safely. In this context, we have, for example, a good reference from the South Moravian region, where the regional office was able to safely transfer the work of all administrators to the home office environment within a day.

This was possible precisely because even before the pandemic, it had technology at its disposal, which was based solely on the requirement that people work from home. So, if I have to highlight one thing, it is the preparedness and the digital platform that allows me to respond quickly to any unexpected change.

You mentioned security. How does VMware handle this?

Our view is comprehensive. We try to incorporate safety into all of our products. The goal is for the customer not to worry about this area and not have to add another layer of security. VMware has invested a lot of time and money in this area in recent years. This multi-year effort has resulted in a comprehensive VMware Security solution that is part of all of our products.

How do you stand in the market?

I can tell you that more than 80 percent of the workload for home business clients today is done virtually using our technologies. That’s why you can find a lot of people who have contacted VMware here. This is our great advantage that strengthens our position in the market. At the same time, the tools that these companies use to manage data center virtualization are the same, for example, the Kubernetes application development management tools.

Another year of the World Congress VMworld It will take place in a few weeks. What can the participants look forward to?

During two days of lectures and trainings on October 6 and 7, registered participants will be able to learn about the latest technologies that support business and innovation – how to provide and ensure modern applications, how to manage clouds in any environment, how to seamlessly support business anywhere, as well as accelerate innovation Business in a multi-cloud world.

More than 600 inspiring lectures from visionaries around the world, the experience of hundreds of customers using VMware products to solve their most pressing problems await you, plus hands-on tutorials and workshops with leading IT professionals.

Who can attend the conference VMworld?

This year, just like last year, sharing is really easy, because everything will happen online. This allows you to easily record and then watch everything from your home or office. In addition, two types of “tickets” are available – one option is completely free and will also guarantee access to lectures and professional presentations or interactive simulations of hands-on exercises – hundreds of hours of content.

I encourage everyone to register on the site www.vmworld.com They chose what they were interested in in the conference. Such simple access to interesting content does not need to be repeated, and presentations will be available not only live, but also for repetition at a later time.