December 9, 2021

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He went to the limit. Max Verstappen fought Lewis Hamilton, overshadowing his eyes

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Red Bull Racing won a double podium at the F1 Grand Prix of the United States, but both riders had problems. Sergio Perez was sick and his drink regimen didn’t work for him, but the winner, Max Verstappen, wasn’t supposed to be feeling well either. According to his boss, there was a mist before his eyes.

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At the end of the race in Austin, Max Verstappen resisted a lot of pressure from Lewis Hamilton and increased his championship lead to 12 points. Mercedes is still number one among the designers, but is only 23 points ahead. So everything is open.

We must call the result surprising, because Mercedes was the favorite in this circuit. This team has traditionally thrived in the USA, and Lewis Hamilton has won the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) five times already. But this time it didn’t work out for him and he had to bow to the abilities of the young Dutchman.

Let’s get back to the competitors themselves. We knew that Sergio Perez had stomach problems. And we also knew that at 30 degrees it must have been very difficult without the beverage system. “After 20 rounds, I’m done,” Confessed racer from Guadalajara, Mexico. “It was the hardest race of my life.”

The situation was so bad that his fingers trembled and he had to take his hands off the steering wheel on the straight road. Just to help with his finger, he somehow released them and prevented contractions.

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Sergio Perez A Max Verstappen

Zdroj: Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

After the race, Brazilian reporter Mariana Becker passed on information that Max Verstappen is also ill. Although he claimed that the recent rounds were “fun”, he also ran into problems.

“At one point, it was completely dark before his eyes,” Helmut Marko, Red Bull Motorsports advisor, confirmed his deep admiration for Max Verstappen.

His stunning display of what was happening on the track was immediately highlighted, with Max Verstappen himself asking for a stop from teammate Sergio Perez. He knew this would put his opponent Lewis Hamilton under pressure and force him into the pits as well. Guessing all this from the cockpit is evidence of a huge overview.

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“It is unbelievable how much mental capacity he has left. He has gone to the extreme with the car, he has health issues, but he has also been able to think of the optimal strategy,” Marko continued his work at Auto Motor und Sport.

Even with all this, the Austrian was very satisfied with his knights. “So I have to rate the performance of both higher. Max Verstappen got back into shape with breathing exercises and fluid intake. Sergio Perez was flushing a lot of water through the system before the start and even had to replace the cap. Then he had no water in the race, so he was no Something must have gone wrong when adapting the system from a large amount of water to a smaller amount. Overall, the performance was good,” Helmut Marko added.

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