October 22, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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He wants to focus on data centers and highways

Huawei decided to diversify its business. As part of this effort, he wrote, he created four new business units GizmochinaEspecially because of the sanctions imposed by the United States of America, which paralyzed its basic division. Perhaps it will be clear to everyone what the specific division is.

Sanctions from the United States have so restricted Huawei smartphones that they are almost unusable in Western markets, where alternatives are not only available with the Android operating system, but especially with Google services. Pressure from the western regions is also affecting telecommunications operations.

What will Huawei focus on?

Thus, the Chinese producer has to direct its business to another region or regions. Its new business units focus on technologies that reduce data center consumption, intelligent systems for highways, the PV industry, and even customs and port services.

According to documents signed by the founder and president of Huawei himself, the executive leaders of the new units were elected from among the internal candidates. This was also confirmed by a company spokesman. The CEO added that the new units will operate in the name of “independent corps”, which will break the current organizational boundaries of society so that they can collect resources as quickly as possible and improve their efficiency.

Each of the newly created units has the mission to delve deeper into one specific area, take full responsibility for its success and ensure more “food” Huawei.

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