January 29, 2022

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He studies at Harvard and beat Volka. Slovak talent set national and university records

Today 10:25

Oliver Murko made a successful debut in the colors of the Harvard University athletics team. In Saturday’s race of the Ivy & HBCU Challenge in the main hall of Gordon Indoor Raceway, he won the 24 runners’ 300m race in the best Slovak indoor performance in history of 33.67 seconds. Report this to atletika.sk.

Guardian Mark Mangiakuti, who was trained in Bratislava Inter by Stefan Bellek until the fall, exceeded the previous historical maximum of 33.76 by Jan Volek from January 5, 2019 in Ostrava by 9 hundred. Murcko also improved Harvard’s indoor record of 300m, which belonged to Govan Williamson at 33.75.

Twenty-year-old Murcko improved his absolute personal record in the three hundred, which was improved on the four hundred that were in preparation as an extra system, by exactly half a second. His person value as of July 8, 2020 from Young Guard Stadium in Bratislava is 34.17 so far.

“When I went down the hall, I wrote to my ex-coach, Mr. Bellek, if he didn’t know what the best indoor performance in our country would be with three hundred. I needed to set a goal before the race. Find out, focus on the competition and succeed,” Oliver Murko spoke after his victory at atletika.sk.

“I think I ran well. The opening races were such a good test that coach Mangiakuti found out how far I have progressed. And I think it worked for me, it’s just the beginning of December.”

Murco won the 300m on Saturday, 16 cents over his Harvard teammate Crimson Lancome Ward (33.83), who had previously completed the 60m and finished sixth in the final to 6.96 (6.94). Kenya’s Moffat Wanjiru of Hampton finished third with a time of 34.08 points.

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“I’m looking forward to it: Harvard’s first and now the school’s record and also the best Slovakian performance in history. That’s really cool!” – Morco is excited.

“I was very nervous before the meeting. Free, this was my first race in a new environment. I came into the unknown: I knew that the school was good and I was not mistaken in choosing it, but in the case of athletics it was a little different. A question mark hung on it for a long time, Because few people associate Harvard with outstanding athletics. Saturday’s meeting assured me that I made the right decision on the athletic side as well. “I sat down with the coach as well as with the guys and I already know that I chose the right path.”

In the historic Slovakian tables 300m outside or in the hall, Mork finished fourth on Saturday with Peter Szava, current coach of the 2021-23 European Champion on the 400m hurdles from Aimee Zabeltalova.