October 22, 2021

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He saved the league with Seneca in May, and now has helped defeat Real.  All about "the biggest shock in the history of the Champions League"

He saved the league with Seneca in May, and now has helped defeat Real. All about “the biggest shock in the history of the Champions League”

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In the summary of Tuesday’s Champions League fixtures, we originally wanted to pay as much attention to the blow between Paris and St. Germain and Manchester City, who certainly did not disappoint, also scored Lionel Messi’s first goal at the new club.

However, it was also overshadowed by the result, which was said to be the biggest upset in the history of the competition. Real Madrid lost at home to Sherif Tiraspol – the biggest club outside the Champions League from unrecognized Transnistria.

And Milan Shkriniar, who saved a point for Inter against Shakhtar Donetsk, was another excellent evening. The Slovakian made an exceptional defensive tackle and was awarded the UEFA Player of the Match award.

1. Sheriff leads the group

British newspaper The Telegraph Writes On the “biggest shock in the history of the Champions League” and the Spanish media They remember of the embarrassing result.

Real, who have won the Champions League and their predecessors thirteen times, lost 1:2 at home to newcomer Sherif Tiraspol from the capital of the internationally unrecognized region of Transnistria.

Madridists have been losing points with outsiders regularly in recent years, but that’s still something completely different. The odds of winning the guests were 30 before the match.

The disparity between the two teams is the presence of a great and respected Romanian football journalist Emmanuel Rochu on Twitter he wroteThat the result is something like “San Marino invades China”, and that Sharif stands for everything, “but not the glory and prestige of the Champions League”.

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One fact that speaks for itself: If you arrive in Tiraspolla today, your credit cards will be useless for you, because international local ATM cards do not accept Any attempt to pay in a currency other than Transnistrian rubles is a criminal offence.

Transnistria separated from Moldova in 1992, when a frozen conflict erupted in the region after a brief war. The separatist efforts in Transnistria were supported by the Russian army, which still owns the state’s territory hundreds of soldiers. Russia has close relations with Transnistria, although it has not officially recognized it either.

According to the international community, Transnistria is a legal part of Moldova, but it operates independently – it has its own flag with its sickle and hammer, the army, government and parliament, in front of which stands a statue of Lenin.

Photo – TASR / AP

The unrecognized post-Soviet state that withstood in time is ideal for the development of the gray economy – here we come to the creation of the football club that has now defeated Real.

The Sheriff of Tiraspol was founded in 1997, when the Sheriff bought the local football club. Founded by a former agent

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