December 9, 2021

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He once took the kid to Pride, and today he voted against homosexuality

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Ľuboš Blaha performs an amazing view with a deadly somersault. He claims that going to Pride was a youthful mistake. Although he was 35 years old at the time.

Since deputy deputy Ľuboš Blaha discovered the magic of the Facebook algorithm, which has brought him thousands of fans, thanks mainly to negative and increasingly conservative posts, his views have changed dramatically. Today, for example, the so-called “Orban” law was endorsed by Miroslav Orban’s workshop in the Republic of Hungary.

Child protection is assumed

The Urban team wanted to make it happen “LGBT or other ideologies that encourage transgenderism may not be presented to minors in schools, kindergartens, or welfare facilities.” or for “The media and other audiovisual content providers have been unable to complain or broadcast content available to minors that could interfere with their mental and moral development – such as pornography, transsexualism, homosexuality, or excessive violence.”

However, the law, which seemed to protect the children, was too dangerous for other children. “Today in the schools of Slovakia there is no room in the educational process for education about sexual orientation or gender identity. The adoption of such a law will have serious consequences especially for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex youth, and their acceptance in the family, society and society, it can seriously harm them …of mental health and also leads to an increase in the number and exacerbation of verbal and physical assaults on their surroundings. So we are concerned about the safety and lives of LGBT youth.” Many human rights organizations and ordinary people responded to their call for members.

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It was also a same-sex marriage

Blaha upheld the law without hesitation, which is in complete contrast to what he preached a few years before. He himself used to go to Rainbow Pride in Bratislava. However, this was when he most likely thought it would bring him LGBT votes. “Equality, freedom and love are basic social democratic values,” He told SME daily in 2014: “I think society is really set up in a way that there can be some concessions to gays and lesbians, but we haven’t yet grown into marriage. Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with them,” He added that in the upcoming election period, according to him, registered partnerships could also play a role.

He also took the baby

However, it did not happen, although even in more conservative countries such as Slovakia, partnerships and same-sex marriage are already normal. And Blaha achieved real value for her turn. It’s even more shocking, because in the aforementioned year 2014 he came among LGBT people with his child. At that time, introducing “gay ideology” to a minor did not bother him at all. Well, Facebook likes and the struggle for a 5,000-strong parliamentarian salary obviously know how to impress.

“Since becoming a father of two my priorities have changed and I feel a lot about the importance of family, safety and education. As a young educator with no responsibility, you sometimes tend to deal with liberal coffee themes, but when you start a family and experience real life, Slovakia has very different problems than gays,” He explains his shocking transformation into Blaha. By the time he was on Pride, he was apparently a father, as he had a son on his tanker. He adds that attending the Pride Party was a youthful mistake and he will not be going there today. In 2014, he was 35 years old.

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Does the fascist make sense of him now?

Samir’s deputy was also known in the past for his strong anti-fascist stance. Back in 2016, he claimed the following: “I am a strong anti-fascist and you may have noticed that I am one of the biggest opponents of the neo-Nazis in the Slovak parliament. I am genuinely sick that they are sitting here. It is a big threat.” And now he suddenly voted for a law drafted by Rep. Orban. At the same time, he entered Parliament against the backdrop of Marianne Kotlib and the Republic Day, whose vice-president is the convicted racist Milan Mazuric or Ondrej Ourika – a singer in whom the court also agreed that we can call it a new – Nazism sitting behind her. “I will always fight against fascism and neo-Naziism, which is why I am disgusted by liberal intolerance of other views, racist hatred of Russians and segregation of vulnerable people. These fascist tendencies today are much more dangerous than small far-right parties – our main enemy is the neoliberal government and not logically the opposition , “ He explains his position interestingly blah.