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He compares Flova Magoni to the new coach: Then I think, thank God

12.10.2021 11:35

After the dream season, Slovak figure skater Petra Vlova will face new challenges and face a third Olympics.

She was preparing for the New Year in Italy, but she did not miss the Swiss slopes either. Less than two weeks before the season begins, he feels he needs a few more days in the snow. She will complete her preparations in Austria, where the inaugural World Cup races await, the mega slalom in Sölden.

A year ago I left third, and this time would like to start a little better. “The first rounds at Sölden didn’t work out for me, so now I am trying to prepare better. If I want to win, I need the two rounds for that. I am very good at the latter,” Velhova said after the press conference.

The high difficulty of the Vlhová slope does not interfere, on the contrary, in perfect weather, it is one of the favorites. “I think it suits me because I like challenging hills. I have the technique and the strength for that. But of course, there are many factors that can affect that. We will see what the conditions will be. Last year there was fog in the first round. In general, the hill is also difficult because It’s high, so we get a little bit up when we go down, but I think it works for me.”

In addition to better weather, athletes should also be pleased with better views for spectators, which were absent last year due to pandemic measures. According to Skiweltcup.tv, fans are expected to reach 5,000 fans this time around. “If they let it, I would be happy to have fans there. I hope it moves a bit and people can walk.”

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After a demanding and nerve-wracking chase behind the dots and a large crystal globe, Vlhová rejuvenates and usheres in the new year in a positive mood. But he doesn’t want to override the results yet. “I feel good in the slalom and giant slalom, but also in the speed disciplines. We will try to do our best and find a model to make it as good as possible at Sölden.

I cannot predict what it will be like. I can only evaluate my feelings. Now I’m looking forward to racing, and being together worked. I have a great team, I laugh a lot, I’m even happier than I used to be. In this way, it is also carried to the skates, so it fills me more. ”

New coach and change of priorities

There is no doubt that the Slovak skater will be the winner of the World Cup under the supervision of the fans and the competitors. Alpine ski fans’ curiosity is likely to be more focused on defending last year’s results, as the overall leader has ended her long-term collaboration with Italian coach Livio Magoni, with whom she had all the previous successes of medal campaigns at the World Junior Championships.

Public discussions anticipate whether Swiss Mauro Bini would be a suitable replacement for Vlhová, but at the same time he adds that this change was necessary and beneficial. “It’s normal for a person to compare, and I won’t blame people when they compare that it’s different with Livio and Mauro. But they have to respect that it was my decision. Such is life. Now I’m happy, I needed that change. I wanted that too. It wasn’t easy. I Also sometimes I compare them, and then I think, thank God.”

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Mauro Beni to Petra Flova.

Source: instagram.com/petravlhova13

Besides the change of some team members, after the overall victory in the World Cup, there were also changes in the plans and the summer schedule, but also in the priorities. “Immediately after the season was over, I went on vacation, where I rest. Then I grabbed another one. I needed this. Rest was very important, also at the cost of less skating. At the end of it all, I am the one who has to perform. I must It fills me so that I put everything in it so that I do not go up the hill with disgust and thought: “God, again.”

I don’t think how many races and where I’m going, whether it’s going to cancel the discipline or not. What will be, will be, I will do my best. It will definitely not be a priority for a big world, but I will focus on the World Cup. And with the Olympics approaching, so does it.”

He does not follow opponents

The competition in the fight for places on the podium will be numerous this year as well in all categories. Mikaela Schiffrin, junior slalom globe carrier Katharina Lensberger, will report her wins in the technical majors, and after dealing with health issues, will fight Michelle Jesin and Wendy Holdner as well. There will be no shortage of speed fights between Lara Gut Bahrami, Sofia Joggio and Corinne Sutter.

However, Petra Velhova does not pay much attention to her opponents, she prefers to invest her time in the development of sports and progress. “Yes, I notice them, but I do not dwell at all on what they do and how they do it. When we train together somewhere, I will look at them, but first of all I will focus on myself.”

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She also limited her contact on social networks, even before the big world battle. “I only watch Shiffrin and some guys on Instagram. Last year I stopped watching other competitors. I really want to put in as much effort as possible so that I can go ahead and go as far. I still have goals that I want to achieve as I work on them. By watching Others, I can’t help myself.”

No advice – five skates

Petra Vlhová will enter the season with Honorary Partner of First Betting Company nick. “If we see that Petri will help something, and Petra needs it, I assure you that we will pamper her a little, and she will have advantages with us. Nikki has become her biggest partner. I think that so far we will make a great contribution to her success, which will please the whole of Slovakia, ” Nike CEO Doc promised. a job. Otto Berger CSc.

The average fan will record the most significant changes in the collaboration between Nike and Petra Vlhová on new overalls and a racing helmet. “Throughout the season, Petra will be represented by the Nike brand – but by its own brand. We think people will appreciate that we have taken ourselves into the background and paid Peter the recognition he deserves as the most iconic figure in our sport.” CEO Nike Ing. Roman Berger.

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