December 2, 2021

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Have scientists discovered a new state of matter?

Scientists may be able to discover a new state of matter, with just four electrons.

About twenty years ago, physicists predicted a mass consisting of four electrons. Now the scientist Professor Igor Babayev The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and colleagues, in finding evidence of what was only on paper until now. Electrons are naturally expelled, but at very low temperatures these particles are not repelled and can form steam. At the same time, the material cooled in this way achieves superconductivity, and, of course, the lower the temperature, the better the results.

A team of scientists was able to detect this experiment using an iron-based substance – Ba1 – xKxFe2As2, and this is the first experimental evidence of this phenomenon. Of course, there are still many years of research for researchers to understand what really happened, and this also opens up new questions. The four-fermionon capacitor, as this four-electron case is called, is gradually being accepted by the scientific community.

The first signs of a quaternary fermion condensation appeared to scientists in 2018, and the subsequent iteration of this phenomenon took up to three years. At the same time, these capacitors also violate the time-reversal symmetry, but this is not only the state of experimental materials, but also the state of other superconductors.

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