October 22, 2021

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Harness the power of internet marketing to boost your profits with expert advice - HR - Business News

Harness the power of internet marketing to boost your profits with expert advice – HR – Business News

Benefiting from doing business in an online space that knows no boundaries sounds like a dream and a challenge for every innovative entrepreneur. However, getting started, not getting lost and succeeding due to the increasing competition and sophistication of tools is becoming increasingly challenging.

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This also increases the demand for quality education in the region digital marketingWhile this won’t make you an expert at everything, it will give you the essential skills to make strategic decisions in an online business, or provide you with a good foundation and a launching pad for each discipline. It was with this very intention that it was created digital university. It’s complicated Online digital marketing course Closely related to work on practical projects under the supervision of mentors.

Digital Marketing and Public Relations? Do not use

The past few months have shown us just how essential small and medium-sized businesses are in the online space. Sales of smaller online stores have reached their limit, and many traditional stores have managed to cut their losses at least in part by quickly moving into the online space. Large companies have also broken records with their stable position in the online sales space.

Suddenly, many entrepreneurs are faced with a new project – Online business. Not everyone can become an expert in everything in a short time, as expert advice clearly says – outsourcing. However, the truth is that online marketing agencies are on the verge of capacity, raising their price for services, and thus outsourcing a comprehensive mix of online marketing offering activities becomes financially unaffordable for small businesses. An effective solution is to cover some parts of the online marketing mix internally and provide expertise with courses or other forms of education.

This is the situation we are facing in digital university In most cases. Jaroslav Wojciechovsky, which is behind the Digital University project, has many years of experience in the field of education. However, at the same time, he worked as a manager in several companies, which means that he well understands the needs and motives of both parties. Education is closely linked to practice, which means that students work on it Real tasks and your own project (Business or Employment) under the guidance of marketing professionals.

education Online Every student has Create private access to the e-learning platform. He can watch the lectures in real time and participate in the discussion of his questions. At the same time, he can watch lectures from the recording, but this does not lose the possibility of asking questions – he can still do this in the Q&A section of e-learning, where they are answered by specialists.

Experienced lecturers will guide the students together 16 full day lectures. After each lecture, students will have a home assignment, which is checked and commented on by experts from individual industries. This is followed by a month of working on your real project under the supervision of a mentor who will provide direct specific advice for your project and business.

Digital Marketing and Public Relations? Do not use

Upon successful completion of studies, each student receives a certificate. Those who feel the desire to continue their education can continue Study MBA, where, in addition to marketing, management topics such as team building or effective goal achievement are also covered, in the form of hands-on workshops. Upon completion of the study, the graduate will receive MBA Degree in Digital Marketing.

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The entire study is practice-oriented and flexible. In addition to the compulsory lectures, students have additional lectures at their disposal, an online library filled with high-quality examples from practice or interesting work and business presentations directly from the lecturers and marketing agencies.

To get an overview of the latest trends and powerful tools for your online business, log in digital university. Registration is open until September 30th. Feel free to reach new customers, use your social networks and email contacts effectively and build a strong community of loyal customers. Classes start on October 2nd!