December 2, 2021

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Hamilton wins the Brazilian Grand Prix

São Paulo, November 14 (TASR) – Mercedes’ Briton Lewis Hamilton has won the Brazilian Grand Prix, the 19th event of the Formula One series. Dutchman Max Verstappen finished second in the Red Bull title battle, with Hamilton’s teammate Finn Valtteri Bottas third.

For the 36-year-old Hamilton, who started in 10th, it’s his sixth win of the season and 101st in his career. Manco withdrew to the leader of the standings with 14 points.

There are still three events left until the end of the tournament, and the next one will be on the program on November 21 in Qatar. The season traditionally culminates in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Bottas, the qualifying race winner, started from pole position, teammate Hamilton was 10th after replacing the internal combustion engine. Räikkönen, who had a new wing in the race, only started off the pit lane. Verstappen started from second place, but on the first left turn left Bottas no room and reached first. Peres also outperformed Finland shortly thereafter. Norris didn’t keep a single rod on the track and after a long pit stop, he finally finished. In addition to Verstappen, Hamilton also succeeded in front, who was already sixth in the second round. In the sixth round, Bottas released Hamilton in front of him and a safety car came onto the track, where there were shrapnel on it after the Konoda-Strol collision. At that time, the head of the race consisted of Verstappen – Pérez – Hamilton – Bottas. In the eighteenth round, Hamilton briefly got ahead of Perez, but immediately regained the position. In the next round, Hamilton advanced over the Mexican and lost 3 seconds to leader Verstappen. Hamilton took charge in the 27th round, returning to the track in sixth. At the end of the round, Verstappen also got into the pits, crossed at the same speed and after returning to the track joined the opponent. In round 41, Verstappen took charge again and returned to fourth. Hamilton’s second boxing visit lost three laps and joined Verstappen. In round 48 there was a duel in which both went off the track, but Hamilton failed against Verstappen’s defensive track. In round 59, Hamilton already attacked on the straight and took first place. The Dutchman could no longer regain his lost position, and by the end of the race his handicap rose to Hamilton for 10 seconds. In the end, Red Bull tried to get the fastest lap and they succeeded thanks to Perez’s transfer.

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