October 22, 2021

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Hamilton Kajal after the Russian qualifier, there are three unexpected names ahead

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Lewis Hamilton announced at the start of the weekend in Sochi, Russia, that he has much more experience than Max Verstappen and therefore expects his opponent to start making mistakes under the increasing pressure of the championship fight. However, the exact opposite happened, and Hamilton made three minor mistakes on Friday and Saturday.

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At first he hit the mechanic, then he hit the wall in the pit lane and also made mistakes on the track and leaned backwards on the barrier. “It has nothing to do with pressure, because it didn’t happen under pressure,” Hamilton explained his mistake on the court that was born in the latter part of the playoffs.

“We simply knew it. I was coming to the pit and knew I didn’t have much time forever, so I stepped on it. I wanted to cross the pit lane as quickly as possible, because then I needed as much time on the track as possible.”

In the end, he finished fourth in the playoffs. “Of course everything is a little embarrassing. I am disappointed, but things like that happen. We all make mistakes. One does not expect this from a world champion, but when you achieve such successes, everything but perfection looks like a failure. But I am human. Just “. Confirmed seven-time world champion.

Hamilton also mentioned that during a crash in the pit lane, he destroyed his front wing and then sided with the mechanics too long to take his place. “I’ve been standing there for 64 seconds and I think my tires have cooled during that time,” Doddell Lewis Hamilton.

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The second championship candidate, Max Verstappen, got a new power unit, and since he was going to start from behind anyway due to a penalty kick, he didn’t actually take part in qualifying. Space was given to other riders who could excel and the best opportunity was taken by Lando Norris of McLaren. The Englishman took first place in his career.

Lando Norris

Source: Reuters

“But I’m not happy to go that long right after the start,” Norris said. “But you never know, maybe it will turn out well. Anyway, we got to the best position possible and I am happy. It is my first position…let’s hope it will be the first of many.”

However, even Carlos Sainz II is not too confident from the start: “I start from second place, here in Sochi on a dirty part of the track and he punishes you a lot. However, I hope to beat Landa. I should not lose too much at first and then I will need to fall into the air curtain. And in fact, why can’t I overtake him?” “

Perhaps the most optimistic qualifier is George Russell, who once again cared about the big surprise. No one expected that he would end up so high with Williams’ weak single position.

“Third place is unrealistic at first, because it is too far towards the second turn. Let’s hope I am okay with the ground,” Russell smiled. “We’ve scored in three of the last four events and I don’t see any reason why we can’t keep going. Our target will be the podium. We have nothing to lose and we’re really going to work on it.”

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Let’s add that the Russian Grand Prix will start on Sunday at 14:00 our afternoon.