October 23, 2021

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Growing peppers is also a great tip for family businesses

It is a vegetable that thrives in Slovakia. It has long been grown mainly in the area of ​​the Isle of Rye. You will find fresh peppers from Slovak farmers from this region until the end of autumn in Kaufland.

Experts agree that pepper is a very healthy vegetable and benefits our bodies a lot. So, it shouldn’t be missing from our well-balanced list either. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals – C, B1, B2, E, beta-carotene, lycopene, fiber and potassium.

From field chips also

Fresh pepper you enjoy in Kaufland Just put in your cart, you may be from Zelonax from Kolarov. She buys vegetables from smaller and larger farmers from the fertile itný ostrov region and supplies them to the chain for several years. Small farmers usually grow peppers in tin fields, and large farmers offer delicious fruits from the field. At the beginning of the season, mainly white and green peppers are formed, and later a sweet red cap is added to them. These are the traditional types of pepper grown in Slovakia.

“We buy peppers from small farmers twice a week during the season so that we provide them to the chain that are fresh and fully ripe. This is the most delicious. Big farmers serve it every day, depending on how ripe it is in the field.” Alexander Nagy, CEO of Zelonax explains. “We will see how the harvest season will be this year. We were disturbed by the cold weather in the spring and the hot days in the summer, so it was necessary to increase the watering,” he added.

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A. Nagy also confirmed the interest of the chain and customers in pepper from Slovak farmers, with the quantities of deliveries increasing slightly every year.

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In Kaufland you will find pepper from Slovak suppliers until the end of autumn.
Source: Kaufland

Harvest by hand

They have been growing peppers for 25 years, so they have experience distributing it. P&P Trade from Komárno supplies the chain with sweet and sour green peppers, red peppers, and hot peppers. They are also harvested in the fields and in greenhouses.

“Paprika is notorious for its sensitivity to sudden changes in temperature. It grows best in temperatures between 20°C and 30°C, where it achieves optimal growth and fruit production,” Talking about the experience of growing this vegetable, Lilla Púchovská, the owner of the company. “However, in the greenhouse it is necessary to ensure adequate ventilation, because when the temperature exceeds 35 ° C, the pepper drops flowers or fruits and stops giving birth. Ventilation in the greenhouse is also important to ensure that pollinators get access to the flowers. Since their roots are shallow, they must be watered more of tomatoes. But excessive watering also damages the roots and the plants are not strong enough.”

They harvest the rich harvest by hand so that the fruit is not damaged and the customer receives first-class quality. And they work well. They have been cooperating with the chain since the beginning of its operation on the Slovak market, that is, more than twenty years ago.

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“Paprika is a typical plant in southern Slovakia, where its cultivation in the fields and in the tin fields has a long tradition. It is also a great business tip for small family businesses, from which large companies buy the crop and work with the chain. We currently grow more than 200 hectares of pepper in our country, “ Peter Slobodnik, board member of the Association of Vegetable and Potato Growers in Slovakia explains.

It tastes in many ways

You will definitely agree with us that paprika is a wonderful vegetable that is widely used in both hot and cold dishes. A summer classic is lecho or Stuffed peppers with tomato sauce. But it is also excellent in cold vegetable salads, stuffed with cheese or brindza filling, baked, grilled, drenched in oil. You will prepare a sweet and delicious cream of pepper. And so we can move forward – there are already many tips for eating this vegetable. You can also find inspiration in Recipes on Kaufland.

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You can prepare many delicious dishes from pepper in both hot and cold dishes.
Source: Kaufland