January 24, 2022

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Great Britain’s victory destroyed Dressel’s six gold chances

31.7.2021 05:50

Four Great Britain swimmers, Kathleen Dawson, Adam Beatty, James Guy and Anna Hopkin, won the Olympic premiere of the 4 x 100m mixed semi-pole relay.

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In Tokyo, they set a new world record at 3: 37.58, when they broke China’s previous high (3: 38.41). Silver won with a deficit of 1.28 with the Chinese, while bronze belonged to Australia (+1.37).

The American relay ended in fifth place, ending the ambitions of star Caleb Dressel, who won six gold medals in Tokyo. A few minutes ago, Dressel set a new world record of 49.45 in the final of 100 Butterflies, adding third gold to his collection in the current Games. Previously, he had not found a 100m freestyle winner and was a winner in the 4x100m freestyle relay.

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At the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro five years ago, he helped win two gold medals. He will have the opportunity to add two more championships at the Tokyo Pond. The Americans chose a different strategy in the mix relay than the other seven teams, and only Dressel swam in the last crawler division, but the loss to rivals at the time was very high.

Mixer relay for 4x100m cat. Breit.

1. Great Britain (Kathleen Dawson, Adam Beatty, James Guy, Anna Hopkin) 3: 37.58 min.

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3. Australia (Kaylee McConaughey, Jack Stability-Cook, Matthew Temple, Emma McConaughey) +1: 37

4. Italy +1.70

5. USA +3,00

6. Netherlands +3.67

7. ROC +4,87

8. Israel +7.19


Incredible delight of swimmer Ariarna Ditmus: