March 7, 2021

Govt-19: Volunteers in the world’s first study in the UK will be infected with the virus | UK News

The UK is set to conduct the world’s first study of exposure to the corona virus deliberately by volunteers to make the smallest amount needed to cause an infection.

Beginning in the next few weeks, healthy individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 will emerge COVID-19 In a safe and controlled environment.

The human challenge test is based on the version of the virus that has been circulating in the UK since March 2020, which has been shown to have a lower risk for young healthy adults.

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Approved by the UK Medical Examination Protocols Organization, the program will help doctors cope with infection by helping them develop a better understanding of COVID-19 and the development of vaccines and treatments.

Participants will receive the virus as drops in the nose and must be isolated for more than two weeks at the Royal Free Hospital in London when they are monitored.

Physicians and scientists will closely monitor its effects on volunteers and monitor them 24 hours a day.

The Government Vaccine Working Group, a pioneer of viral human challenge models, has been working with Imperial College London, Royal Free London NHS. The study is being conducted by the Foundation and the medical organization HVVO.

A corona virus test is given outside a car window at a car park in Hampshire

It is supported by more than $ 33 million of public money and will ensure that the Royal Free and North Central London Adult Critical Care Network does not affect the NHS ‘ability to care for patients during an outbreak.

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The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said the project would not be launched without their progress.

Clive Dix, interim chairman of the Vaccines Task Force, said: “We hope that these studies will provide unique insights into how the virus works and help us understand which promising vaccines offer the best chance of preventing infection.”

After the initial study, a small number of volunteers who have been proven to be safe in clinical trials may be given the vaccine, after which they become infected with the corona virus.

This will help identify the most effective vaccines and accelerate their growth.

The virus used in the characteristic study was produced by a team of the NHS Foundation Foundation of Great Armond Street Hospital for Children, working in collaboration with HVVO with the support of virologists at Imperial College London.

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