March 3, 2021

Govt-19: Town’s rapid corona virus testing centers closed for hours due to snow in some parts of the UK | UK News

All three Rapid COVID testing centers in Luton were temporarily closed due to snow in the area, the council said, adding that other parts of the UK were also awake to snowfall.

Confirming the decision on Twitter on Saturday morning, the council said it would close the centers “for the safety of the public and our employees.”

But social media users complained that there was a shortage of ice, with some branding the council’s action as “completely embarrassing”.

“I came to the store …. more ‘snow’ in a snow world !!!” One Twitter user wrote, while others said that closing test sites was a “bizarre decision”.

The council then confirmed that all centers would reopen by 2 p.m., apologizing for the “inconvenience caused”.

According to Public Health UK data, there were 808.3 new Govt cases in seven days from Jan. 11 to Jan. 808.3. It was 961.7 in the previous week.

This comes after the Meteorological Office warned that parts of southeastern England and eastern Anglia would continue to see snow on Saturday.

Temperatures are expected to be 0C (32F) in parts of eastern England and Scotland.

Heavy snowfall of up to 4-8 cm is possible in badly affected areas and drivers are warned to slow down their cars and make room between vehicles.

In Norfolk, police said they had already received 18 reports of road accidents by 12 noon and were considering imposing fines on drivers involved in accidents if traveling for essential purposes.

An amber snow alert was put in place in the east of the UK until 2pm, with yellow southeast warnings in the southeast until 8pm.

Jack, a man in North Yorkshire Cathedral
Snow shots yesterday in Lancashire Pend
Snow shots yesterday in Lancashire Pend

People expect travel delays, power outages and rural communities to be “cut off”.

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Further yellow snow and ice warnings have been issued for a group extending from the Midlands to the top of Scotland until 6pm on Saturday.

The Meteorological Office said there was a possibility of “delays or cancellations of train and air travel, as well as travel delays on roads where some vehicles and passengers are stranded.”

Areas of Wales and Northern Ireland will be mostly cloudy with some bars in the north.

Meteorological Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said: “Up to 8 cm of snow can be seen in the east of England and around M25, especially as it progresses on Saturday.

“Other parts of the UK and Scotland will see snow here and there and it will be cold for two days on Saturday weekend.

“Temperatures are unlikely to rise above 10C. A lot of areas are close to freezing.”

There are 25 flood warnings across the UK from the southeast to the northeast, although these are expected to clear in the evening.

On Sunday, the southern and eastern parts of the UK will see dry, sunny spells, while the northwest will receive showers and the latter will “continue to rain”, the Environment Agency said.