January 17, 2021

Govt-19 in AP: Contact tracking of UK returnees begins | Amravati News

AMRAVATI: Amid fears of a new corona virus strain, the Andhra Pradesh government will find a deal for all those who have visited or returned to the state from the UK in the past one month.
It has been found that 1,148 travelers from the UK have visited the state in the past one month, of which 1,040 have been found. Health officials were unable to locate the 16 UK returnees as the addresses they provided were found to be incorrect.
Two passengers are from other states. Efforts are underway to locate the remaining 88.
According to Health Minister Alla Nani, 982 of those returning to the UK have been assigned to stay in home isolation. New samples from four people who tested positive for Govt-19 after their return have been sent to NIV (Pune) and CCMP (Hyderabad) for further inquiries to see if they tested positive for the new variant from the UK. It takes at least three days to get results from NIV, Pune.
“The state government is on full alert and ready to deal with the situation. District collectors have been instructed to find out the whereabouts of the 88 UK returnees who have not yet been found,” Nani said, adding that there was nothing to panic about the situation.
Meanwhile, as a precautionary measure, the government has appealed to all foreign returnees to undergo new foreign RT-PCR tests. District Collectors are advised to keep a close tab on those returning abroad, especially those from the UK. Senior police officials have been asked to protect the details of returnees from various airports in the country and share the details with the district administration.
High alert has been issued in the districts regarding the monitoring of returnees abroad. Medical and health officials have launched a search based on data provided by police. All overseas returnees are tasked with keeping themselves locked in home isolation until further instructions. Sources said the decision to shift to corporate isolation would be taken after receiving the RT-PCR test results.
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