March 3, 2021

Govt-19: Announcement of compulsory hotel isolation ‘today’, says Minister | Business News

A government minister told Sky News that the announcement of compulsory hotel isolation would be made later, adding that Britain should “think very soon” about booking summer vacations.

“An announcement will be made this afternoon on this matter,” said Vaccine Minister Nadim Zahawi.

Direct corona virus updates from the UK and around the world

When asked if people should stop booking summer vacations, Mr Jahavi replied: “Of course.”

He added: “I think this is just the beginning.

“There are still 37,000 people hospitalized with COVID at the moment, and we have not even begun to speculate about the summer.”

Travel sources told Sky News that they expect the policy to be introduced soon as the government tries to suppress new strains of the corona virus.

They expect an announcement to come soon today, but even those closest to the debate are not clear on how wide the restrictions will be.

Evidence suggests that there are differing views among ministers as to whether restrictions apply to those coming to the UK from all countries, or whether restrictions apply to those from the banned list.

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Nadeem Zahavi hopes to say soon whether summer vacations are advised.

As hotel crews prepare to help thousands of visitors, the move will be another hammer blow to the travel industry, indicating that unrestricted overseas travel is unlikely to return this summer.

Senior ministers to the government are due to meet on Tuesday to consider travel restrictions, with travelers coming to the UK to pay for isolation at a designated hotel.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson Has expressed his concern that Vaccine program in the UK Rolled – There is new danger Govt Variation against existing vaccines may develop overseas.

At a Downing Street news conference, the Secretary of Health asked if he supported compulsory hotel isolation for everyone coming to the UK. Matt Hancock Responded: “I think it’s incredibly important that we be vigilant at the border.”

Mr Hancock, who sits on the cabinet’s Govt-O committee on Tuesday, described last week how the government had closed all UK travel corridors – allowing visitors to avoid being isolated – at least until February 15.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the UK, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

He added: “We need to protect ourselves from new types of vaccine evasion.

“It is only fair to take a precautionary policy to protect this country, while at the same time we are working on science and the analysis of different types found around the world.”

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Earlier on Monday, Mr Johnson was asked to isolate visitors to hotels in the UK, confirming that “of course we are actively working now”.

“We need a solution that provides maximum protection against reorganization from abroad,” he said.

Approved accommodation for travelers who have already arrived should include Australia and New Zealand.

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Is the UK vaccination program targeted?

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Heathrow Airport has warned that the entry of all international visitors to the UK into isolation could have “major repercussions” for the aviation sector.

“We support measures to end the COVID-19 crisis once and for all,” a spokesman said.

“However, a blanket hotel isolation is effectively closing our borders, which is already having a major impact on Britain and its aviation sector.”

The airport principal insisted Rishi Sunak “Finally to fulfill his promise of a comprehensive financial aid package for UK aviation”.

Other industry bodies have warned of the “catastrophic” impact of UK border operations.