March 3, 2021

Govt-19: All adults will be vaccinated by July 31 under the Prime Minister’s expeditious plan as ministers meet to finalize road map since lockout | UK News

Boris Johnson has promised that every adult in the UK should be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine by the end of July.

The Prime Minister said the accelerated vaccine roll would help protect the most vulnerable as soon as possible and also loosen some locking restrictions.

A jab will be issued by April 15 to those over 50 and over and with basic health.

Must be delivered to all adults by July 31st COVID-19 The Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunization (JCVI) has not yet outlined the priority of vaccination for those under 50 years of age.

The ministers had set a target of providing vaccinations to all adults by September with the aim of reaching all 50-year-olds and above in the first nine JCVI priority groups by May.

As Mr Johnson prepares to chair a meeting of senior ministers today known as the “Govt S” Committee, a new goal has been set, which is to finalize his route map before it is signed in the Cabinet on Monday.

He will then unveil his plans to ease tough measures for MPs in public on Monday afternoon, and is expected to lead a Downing Street news conference later in the evening.

The Prime Minister is still there It aims to reopen all schools in the UK next month – On March 8 – Despite the concerns of teachers and scientists.

The exterior compound may also be one of the first areas where the rules are relaxed.

Accelerated vaccine rolling will soon trigger calls for easing of controls, but Mr Johnson stressed that the path out of the lockout would be “cautious and phase-bound”.

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He said: “Attacking 15 million vaccines is a significant milestone – but nothing will happen and I want this release to go even faster in the coming weeks.

“We now aim to provide a jab to every adult by the end of July, helping to quickly protect the most vulnerable and take further action to ease some restrictions.

“But there can be no doubt – the path out of the lock will be cautious and phase-bound because we are all constantly protecting ourselves and those around us.”

Boris Johnson stressed that the way out of the lock would be ‘cautious and phase’

Former Tory MP William Hague told Sky News’ Sophie Ridge on Sunday’s show that she believes “the majority can be deregulated” and that it all depends on the progress being made.

Mr Hague, a former Conservative leader, said: “If we were to reach this point, perhaps in April, everyone over the age of 50 would have the opportunity to be vaccinated and the number of Govt cases dropped to a very low level – the level we last saw in mid – summer last year – There is no greater justification for having. “

The NHS UK said more than two-thirds of those aged 65 to 69 received the first dose a week after the invitations went out.

460,000 people under the age of 64 are now coming forward to get their job, while those over the age of 65 are being asked to respond to their vaccination letter.

Some parts of the UK go ahead and vaccinate people over the age of 65, and before the invitations are sent they reach all of the first four priority groups who want a jab.

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Sir Simon Stevens, chief executive of the NHS UK, said there were “early signs” that the vaccine roll was contributing to the Corona virus hospitalization.

“The NHS COVID vaccination campaign continues in full swing – letters inviting everyone between the ages of 65 and 69 came out a week ago, and more than two-thirds have already received their first COVID vaccine,” he said.

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‘Vaccine rolling gang busters,’ says Hancock

Earlier this month, the government achieved its goal of providing jabs by February 15 to everyone in the top 15 priority groups – 70 and over, leading health and social security workers and all the most medically vulnerable.

As of Saturday, than 17.2 million people across the UK One of the 1,500 vaccination sites across the country received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine – 600,000 people received the second dose.

Downing Street said JCVI will release the priority list for the second phase of the vaccination program in a timely manner, as people have called for teachers and other leading workers to be given priority.

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Labor’s shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said the success of the vaccine roll shows the “true value of our incredible health care” and thanked NHS staff.

“It is appropriate to ensure that people are vaccinated. All adults are welcome to receive the first dose by July, although this can be achieved earlier if supplies increase,” he said.

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He added: “We now urgently need the government to figure out how they can prioritize those outside the first nine groups – this is very reasonable for teachers, police officers and other key staff who cannot stay home in a lockdown. Ask when their turn will be.

“If the government is not going to prioritize occupation in the next phase, why should they set it up.”

Check out Sophie Ridge on Sky News from 8.30am on Sunday with guests including Health Secretary Matt Hankok, Labor leader Sir Khair Stormer, Labor shadow president John McDonald and former Conservative leader William Hague.