March 3, 2021

Govt-19: 799 more corona virus deaths and 10,625 cases in the UK – more than 15.5 million have the first vaccine dose | UK News

In the last 24 hours, there have been 799 more cow – related deaths and 10,625 cases in the UK, according to government data.

This is down from 1,052 deaths and 12,364 cases This method was recorded last week.

Yesterday, a total of 230 deaths and 9,765 infections were reported; However, it should be noted that the figures vary widely at the beginning of the week due to the reporting lag from the weekend.

In all, 118,195 people died within 28 days of the positive COVID-19 Test.

A total of 4,058,468 people have been confirmed to have Govt infection since the onset of the disease.

Meanwhile, a total of 15,576,107 people are now on the first dose Corona virus After a daily 275,956 increase in vaccination, 546,165 people have a second job overall.

The figures were reported on Tuesday The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed The number of corona virus-related deaths has dropped in the UK and Wales for the first time since Christmas.

The same ONS data show that antibodies have increased in the UK, which is believed to have a positive impact on the vaccine campaign.

In the week ending February 5, there were 7,320 fatalities COVID-19 Mentioned in the death certificate – 13% down from 8,433 deaths in the previous week.

The presence of antibodies indicates that people have previously been infected with the virus or had a disease Corona virus Vaccine.

Boris Johnson, who is expected to release a road map of the UK next week without locking up, is set to make his decision using data like this.

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He will look specifically at corona virus case numbers, hospital admissions, deaths and the impact of vaccine rolls.

The Prime Minister also said he hopes to reopen schools in the UK from March 8 as part of the plan.

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Meanwhile, in Scotland, Announced by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon The reopening of the schools phase will begin on Monday, although locking will continue until at least March.

He also warned that a return to “100% default” was not possible in the future.

“We choose to use the minimal headroom we now have to take at least a few children back to school – because the education and well-being of the children is such a priority,” Ms Sturgeon told MSPs.

“But re-enrolling children means that the rest will live longer with some other restrictions.”