March 7, 2021

Govit-19: More than 10 million vaccines are administered in the UK – 1,449 deaths | UK News

The number of COVID vaccine jobs given in the UK now exceeds 10 million, according to government figures.

A total of 9,646,715 were first sizes and 496,796 were second sizes.

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Meanwhile, the UK registered a further 1,449 Corona virus Deaths – The number was 406 yesterday, up from 1,631 last Tuesday.

A further 16,840 cases were confirmed, up from 18,607 on Monday and 20,089 last Tuesday.

The number of deaths now within a positive 28 days Covit19 Test 108,013.

A total of 3,852,623 infections have been reported in the UK since the outbreak.

Falling cases will encourage the government as two approved vaccines, AstraZeneca and Pfizer, continue to be given to people considered to be at high risk by the corona virus.

Secretary of Health Matt Hancock He said he hoped the UK would have enough materials to reach the target of delivering four highly vulnerable groups, one jab – to a total of 15 million people by February 15.

Mr Hancock said in public today: “We now have nine out of every 10 people over the age of 80 and more than half in the ’70s, and I’m glad we were able to visit 10,307 for every qualified care home.”

He added: “We have now ordered more than 400 million vaccines, including an additional 40 million doses from the Volneva we ordered yesterday.”

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New research says Pfizer Jabin is delaying the second level – current government strategy – Some elderly patients are at risk of infection due to the South African variant.

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Laboratory tests by scientists at the University of Cambridge have shown that a single dose of the vaccine does not stimulate the immune system to produce enough antibodies to kill the virus.

The government announced yesterday Target testing of detected areas Cases of South African variation cannot be traveled directly.

About 80,000 people are being tested, using mobile units and home testing equipment.