March 3, 2021

Govind: Dubai Flyer celebrates 69th birthday at an isolated hotel in the UK – News

Jarry Thaddeus, who flew to the UK from Dubai on Monday, will have to spend his 69th birthday alone in a hotel room in the Kovit-19 isolation.

Thaddeus, originally from Greece but with pre-immigration status and his family, flew to Dubai on January 22, before Britain brought its hotel isolation policy to certain countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

Those wishing to return to the UK from the list of high-risk countries will have to pay 1, 1,750 (4,400) for 10 days of isolation at a hotel.

“It’s disappointing – it’s very disappointing,” Dadion told Reuters from a hotel in Heathrow. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to leave – no one explained anything to me.”

He will celebrate his birthday only on Tuesday in his room.

“I can’t even see my kids on my birthday,” Thaddeus said.

“The cost is too high – I’m not ready for this compulsory expense. I could have given it to my children or celebrated my birthday with my family for half that amount or a quarter of that amount as well.”

Thaddeus said he had to wait several hours to enter the country because he was brushing his teeth at the isolated policy.

“The authorities at the settlement were not in a very up-to-date state about what they were going to do – we were waiting for a hotel,” he said.

He also spoke to Reuters while eating a lightly fried chicken with a lettuce salad and potatoes. He said he would have wanted to be isolated at home for medical reasons.

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“I was in Dubai for three weeks – I had to attend to some very important legal matters. I was not there for the beach vacation.”

When asked what he would do in 10 days, he said: “I do not know, I do not have any books because I’m not ready. Maybe watch TV and chat online with friends and family. What else can I do?”