March 3, 2021

Gov. UK News Live: Matt Hancock announces travel rules for Red List countries

Hancock says you could face up to 10 years in prison if you cover up a trip to the ‘red zone’ country

Matt Hancock has confirmed that passengers arriving in the UK and staying in hotels for the Covit-19 isolation will be charged $ 1,750 for accommodation.

According to the health secretary, violators could face fines of up to $ 10,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

In a statement to Commons MPs on Tuesday, Mr Hancock said 16 hotels were involved in the isolation project and would pick up passengers from Monday.

The plan was released last week that UK nationals returning from 33 “red list” countries should be isolated in closely monitored government-appointed hotels where they can take two checks.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has decided that the spread from a Chinese laboratory leak is “highly unlikely” and no further work is needed to investigate this theory.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it has discovered new information about the origin of the virus SARS-COV-2, which causes Govt-19, but has not dramatically altered the image of the eruption in Wuhan.

Experts believe the virus could have spread to other regions before it was identified in central China by the end of 2019.


EU citizens who left the UK due to Govt lost their right to live in the UK

Thousands of EU citizens temporarily fleeing the UK due to the corona virus infection are set to lose their long-term right to stay in the UK under Home Office rules.

4.3 million EU citizens have been granted immigration status since the UK voted in, but 1.5 million of them have been granted a temporary right to stay, which could be lost if anyone leaves the UK for more than six months without a good reason. .

Our policy correspondent John Stone Reports:

Kate Ng9 February 2021 17:55


Matt Hancock urges NHS to refrain from reporting ‘nothing special’ in response to Govt.

The Institute for Economic Affairs finds that insurance-based healthcare services are performing better or better than anywhere else in the world, saying “there is no rational basis for the NHS ‘current reputation, and we have no reason to be” grateful “for it.

Our political teacher Andrew Woodcock Reports:

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Who works with me Sam Lovett Reports from a Public Health UK conference today:

A total of 170 cases related to the South African corona virus variant have been identified in the UK, health officials said.

These 18 infections were not linked to travel to South Africa, indicating the spread of the community-based virus, according to the Public Health UK.

The PHE said that the E484K mutation, which helps the virus to avoid certain parts of the body’s immune response, continues to be cultivated in the British variant. E484K features in the genetic preparation of South African and Brazilian varieties, and is thought to reduce the effectiveness of the Govit-19 vaccine in providing protection against mild and moderate diseases.

Kate Ng9 February 2021 17:12


Common Asthma Medication Reductions to Admit to the Hospital for Govt-19 Patients – Study

If the drug is given within seven days of the onset of symptoms, a common asthma treatment will reduce the need to hospitalize Covid-19 patients, according to an Oxford University study.

Butazonide, sold by AstraZeneca under the name Pulmicard, is used to treat smoker’s lungs.

The researchers said that when the medication was given in inhaled form, it reduced the time required for patients to recover from the corona virus. The findings suggested Inhaled butonson reduced the risk of emergency treatment or hospital admission by 90 percent.

The study was conducted over 28 days and involved 146 participants.

Mona Papadel, a professor at the University of Naples Medical School who led the experiment, said: “There have been significant improvements in the number of hospitalized Covid-19 patients, but there is a need for early treatment, emergency treatment and hospitalization, especially with limited access to hospital care for billions of people worldwide.

“Vaccination programs are very exciting, but we know that it will take some time to reach everyone around the world.

Kate Ng9 February 2021 16:59


Mark Drakford calls for ‘strong security’ on the UK border

The Welsh Prime Minister has called on the UK government to implement a “strong security plan” at the border to prevent the importation of new strains of the corona virus, which the current trip calls a “minimum” of the “red list”.

After 13 cases were identified there, Mark Drakford told the Welsh Parliament that “everything is being done” to prevent further spread of South African diversity in Wales.

He said: “What we need to see is a strong security at our borders.

“All the gains made by the UK government in suppressing the red list virus and vaccinating our people are the minimum of what needs to be done to ensure that people coming to the UK from other parts are not at risk. And new varieties may already be in the decoction.”

He told the Senate that work was ongoing to establish the effectiveness of the Oxford / Astrogeneca vaccine against the South African variant.

“But much more can be done to mitigate the risk of new species coming into the UK,” he said.

Kate Ng9 February 2021 16:34


A further 1,052 Govt-19 deaths in the UK, 12,364 new cases

As of Tuesday, a further 1,052 people had died within 28 days of a positive test for Govt-19, according to government figures.

The official death toll now stands at 113,850. Individual figures released by the UK Statistics Agency for Mortality cited the virus in the death certificate, and additional information on recent deaths shows that 132,000 people have died in the UK.

As of 9 a.m. Tuesday, there were 12,364 new laboratory-confirmed corona virus cases – bringing the total number of cases in the UK to 3,972,148.

Kate Ng9 February 2021 16:17


The Secretary of Health will investigate the detention of mental health workers at vaccination sites

Matt Hancock said he would “explore” a plan to keep mental health workers in vaccination sites.

Responding to a question from Conservative MP Dr Luke Evans, the Health Secretary said: “I will explore this suggestion thoroughly … to ensure that we reach people at a time when we are all moving towards a process together, or almost everyone, I hope it is.

“So this is a very interesting proposal, I will take it and hopefully talk [Mr Evans] In the coming days. “

Sierra Giordano9 February 2021 16:00


The list of hotels involved in the isolation project has been kept secret

Details of the 16 hotels involved in the isolation project have been kept secret.

A spokesman for the Department of Health and Social Security said: “We did not publish the list for business reasons.

Sierra Giordano9 February 2021 15:54


All Scotland visitors go for isolation

All travelers arriving at English airports from February 15 are expected to go on hotel isolation in the UK as the final destination in Scotland – even if they are one of the many countries considered “low risk” by the UK government.

Scottish Secretary of Transport Michael Matheson has introduced stricter rules for travelers arriving in the UK than in the UK, in an effort to reduce the number of travelers arriving in the country.

Travel Reporter Simon Calder Explains:

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The second wave of Govt deaths in England and Wales rose on 19 January

A second wave of the corona virus killed 1,404 people in a single day in the UK and Wales on January 19, according to the latest figures from the National Statistics Office.

Our health correspondent Shawn Lindern Fully explains the statistics:

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