March 3, 2021

Gov. News Live: Boris Johnson calls for two million missing people to be vaccinated

Hancock says you could face up to 10 years in prison if you cover up a trip to the ‘red zone’ country

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for two million people in the first four vulnerable groups to be vaccinated against Covit-19.

Speaking at the Downing Street conference on Wednesday evening, he said: “We have made great progress, and more than 13 million people in our UK are now vaccinated, including one in four adults in the UK, over 90 and over 90 per cent living in nursing homes.

“But it still leaves two million people, the population is twice as big as Birmingham, and we still hope to achieve that.

“Now is the time to do it.”

This is because scientists advising the World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended the use of the Oxford / Astrogenogen Govit-19 vaccine for all adults.

The WHO’s recommendation that the Oxford Jab be used by all adults was hailed by scientists as “an important milestone in expanding access to the Oxford-Acid vaccine in all corners of the world.”


The Statistics Monitoring Committee said more data was needed on the Govt vaccination

The UK Bureau of Statistics says the government should provide detailed data on corona virus vaccination.

Sir David Norgrove, chairman of the UK Statistical Commission, called for more granular breaks showing the age, ethnicity and priority group of Jabs recipients.

“However, there is room for improvement in terms of the amount of information released and the number of breaches within the data.

“First, there should be additional data on the percentage, for example, age group, ethnic group and the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunization (JCVI) priority groups.”

Second, the data available for each part of the UK will vary – he called for more stability.

“Third, Scotland is the only administration that routinely releases data on the type of vaccine (Pfizer BioEntech or Astrogenene). It is in the public interest to keep this information in all parts of the UK, especially in the context of the media.

“Fourth, it would be helpful to have better information about those who have been vaccinated and those who have taken them. It will also help some people understand the reasons for not getting vaccinated, for example because they did not actually receive a refusal, access, or invitation to be vaccinated.”

Sir David also demanded additional data on the new Govt and new types of corona virus.

Kate Ng10 February 2021 17:30


A new variant is being observed in Bristol

Sir Patrick Valens, the government’s chief scientific adviser, said a new corona virus variant was being monitored in Bristol.

“One of the changes found in the Bristol variant is also found in the South African variant. No wonder it happened, it will happen elsewhere,” he told the No10 news conference.

Kate Ng10 February 2021 17:30


Boris Johnson calls on Jab to pick up the two million people who went missing

During today’s Downing Street Corona virus conference, the Prime Minister stressed the two million people in the top four “at risk” groups who have not yet received the Govt vaccine.

Our Whitehall teacher Kate Devlin Details are:

Kate Ng10 February 2021 17:15


Students climb out of windows as police break into ‘biggest’ party in Lancaster

Police said the students escaped through the windows as authorities broke into a “really big” party over the weekend in violation of corona virus regulations.

My colleague says police saw the incident at a student dormitory in Lancaster early Saturday morning and fined about 40 people. Joe Ditman.

Read the full story below:

Kate Ng10 February 2021 17:00


The UK records a further 1,001 corona virus deaths

Official figures in the UK on Wednesday recorded a further 1,001 corona virus deaths and 13,013 laboratory confirmed positive Govt-19 cases.

Kate Ng10 February 2021 16:40


Senior Tory accused Govt of ‘removing’ targets on controls

Boris Johnson has been urged to “get a grip” on his cabinet ministers, accusing a senior Conservative MP of “eliminating” goals in the timeline for easing corona virus controls. Political Reporter Ashley Cowburn Reports.

In 1922 Sir Charles Walker, vice-chairman of the Tory Spine Committee, accused both Matt Hancock and the Grand Shops of unacceptable behavior.

Samuel Osborne10 February 2021 16:11


Boris Johnson will lead a Downing Street press conference on the corona virus at 5 p.m.

The Prime Minister will be joined by Sir Patrick Valens, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government.

Samuel Osborne10 February 2021 15:51


WHO recommends Oxford-AstraZeneca Govt vaccine for all adults

Scientists consulting with the World Health Organization have recommended the use of the Oxford / Astrogenogen Govit-19 vaccine for all adults.

Samuel Osborne10 February 2021 15:30


Corona viruses linked to Govt-19 circulating in bats and pangolins in Southeast Asia

A study has found that corona viruses, similar to those found in cov-19 bats bats and pangolins, may be circulating in Southeast Asia. Tom Patsler Reports.

At a turning point in providing clues to those investigating the origin of the infection, scientists said high levels of neutralizing antibodies against corona viruses were found in animals in Thailand.

Samuel Osborne10 February 2021 15:11


Heineken to reduce sales of Govt locking hammer by 8,000 jobs

Beer company Heineken is set to cut 8,000 jobs worldwide after sales plummeted following the closure of pubs and bars during global locks. Adam Forrest Reports.

The Dutch producer said it would cut nearly 10 percent of its 85,000 employees as part of its efforts to save $ 1.75 billion over the next two years.

Samuel Osborne10 February 2021 14:49