January 29, 2022

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Got Psychic Confusion: The Cruel Legacy of a Loveable Husband!

Got Psychic Confusion: The Cruel Legacy of a Loveable Husband!

Dominika Gotova did not hide the fact that life in Prague is not easy for her. Although she was close to her mother, Antonia Zakpalova, the exaggerated media coverage and the attitude of some people exhausted her greatly. It’s been seven months since her return to Helsinki, where she and her husband, Tim Tolkie, have acquired a social apartment.

Dominica Gotova with half-sister, father and husband Tim

Source: Instagram KG

The daughter of a legendary singer is being treated in Finland for her addiction and mental problems. She also wanted to work on improving her relationship with her husband Tim and was determined to change her job. The blonde had already seen herself as a security guard. However, she failed the psychological tests…

There will be no new work: it has been burned in PSYCHOTESTS … TWICE!

Failure to work is not the only blow Dominica has to face. Her husband Timo is in distant Mexico, where he traveled for work. Although he was only supposed to go there for a short time, these days he announced to his wife that he wouldn’t be back until December.

Dominic’s best friend ahaonline.cz She revealed that the report literally brought her to her knees. “I broke up. She is mentally and financially dependent on Tim,” Said a friend Gott on the sidelines.

Journalists also addressed Dominica herself. “He’s there, I’m here. I’m looking for a job and I think Timo will make some money so we can do everything,” Dominica replied. At the same time, she admitted that, of course, her husband is missing. “But leave it to us,” is over.

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Of course, her mother Antonia is worried about a very fragile psychological blonde. “She came back to Finland with a certain vision and everything is different. I worry about her. But it is important that she finds a job and has her own money. He can’t just rely on Tim,” Zakpalova said.

Dominica Gotova with her mother
Gott collapsed psychologically:

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