October 23, 2021

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Google will sue Epic Games over Fortnite.  He wants to get back the lost profit

Google will sue Epic Games over Fortnite. He wants to get back the lost profit

Epic already has to pay Apple about 3 million euros.

  • Google has now filed a lawsuit against Epic.
  • The company is talking about the unjust enrichment of Epic at its expense.
  • In a similar case, the court has already ruled against Epic, which has to pay nearly 3 million euros to Apple.

Google is defending itself against the lawsuit against Epic and has filed a lawsuit of its own. In this way, he wants to recover the lost profit, that is, his share of the profits of Epic, who for a while distributed his game Fortnite on the Play Store in violation of its rules. Topic dedicate ZDNet Web.

Disputed update posted

Google downloaded Fortnite from the Play Store about a year ago. Epic developers have updated the game and added their own external payment methods, which are used Promise users a discount. When players paid for microtransactions in this way, directly with a payment card or via PayPal, they bypassed Google’s payment gateway and he was unable to “cut” his 30% share of the developer’s earnings.

Since these mechanisms are directly prohibited by the Play Store rules, Google stepped in and pulled Fortnite from its platform. In the same way Apple did the sameAnd, in this case, Epic did the same. In the meantime, some users were able to install the game with the disputed update, and when they did, they could continue to play it even after downloading it from the Play Store.

Amounts not specified

And this is precisely the subject of a new lawsuit brought by Google. The company wants to recover the lost profit from what the players paid “at a discount”. Not only while the game is available on the Play Store, but also after downloading it from the platform: “Epic itself unjustifiably affected the Google account.”

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However, at the same time, Google has reminded that it has no problem with alternative payment methods in Fortnite, provided that the game is distributed by developers only outside the Play Store. Currently, Fortnite is available directly in the form of an .apk installation package on the official developer website, but also on the Galaxy Store from Samsung, for example.

Finally, Google could actually succeed in the lawsuit. Practically speaking, the same court ruled last month in Apple v. Epic. According to the decision issued against him to the contrary Both parties withdrewEpic has to pay about 3 million euros in compensation. See for more information In a separate article.