January 29, 2022

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Google Fotky aplikacia

Google Photos makes a big difference. Don’t miss it, otherwise you may lose your mobile data by tapping your finger!

Many of us use Google Photos on a daily basis to manage our photos and videos. We must also not forget that with Google Photos we can not only synchronize photos with the cloud, but also access our photos from almost anywhere.

The application is very popular, despite the fact that the last year brought many changes in particular Restriction in the form of available space, which has always been unlimited for images, but that has changed. The latest app is undergoing another big change. The portal draws attention to the topic 9to5google.com.

Daily limit for mobile data

The latest changes that 9to5google.com points out are related to syncing content to the cloud. For a long time, the app allowed you to set whether you want to sync photos and videos or not. This is now changing. Google puts photos and videos on one level. However, one new setting has been added to reduce data consumption over mobile data.

In the Google menu > Backup and sync > Added new settings called “Mobile data consumption”. As you already know, this is a feature that aims to set a daily cap on the amount of data an app can use to sync photos and videos. As you can see below, there are 5 settings in the menu: No data (in this case, content will only be synced over Wi-Fi), 5MB, 10MB, 30MB, or Unlimited. There is also an option to enable content syncing in roaming.

Source: Vosveteit.sk

It should also be noted that This data limit isn’t entirely new. The reason is that until now it was available in developing countries, such as India. The reason for introducing this feature was to give users a tool to control data transfer. However, as you can see above, so The feature has recently started appearing in other regions of the world, including our country.

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Anyway, this must be emphasized again This setting has replaced the ability to turn on/off video sync. We don’t know why this happened. Also, today we cannot say if Google accidentally released this feature for global users. This speculation is based on the fact that the support pages for global users do not (yet) contain more details about this feature.

Finally, by comparison, the iOS version of Google Photos still has an old preference with which you can enable/disable video uploads.

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