December 2, 2021

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Google is working on a feature that wants to “activate” communication through the News app

Google is working on new ways we can respond to our messages. Many of us use Messenger, an app from Meta (Facebook) that allows us to reply to messages with emojis. Instead, iMessage, which is familiar to iPhone users. WhatsApp, the sister of the Messenger app, works on a similar function.

The latest information indicated by the portal Indicate that either Google doesn’t want to be left behind. According to published reports The company also prepares functional responses through message emojis. Perhaps it is due to the gradual reincarnation of the application in the chat platform after the company started Implementation of the new RCS messaging standard. This feature allows you to send messages of richer content. For example, you can send high-quality images, photos, etc. via SMS, while the data is transmitted using an Internet connection. If you and the message recipient have turned on the RCS standard, the communication is more like a chat instead of classic SMS messages. let us introduce you To the attention of the article, where we focused on whether you have a job.

Emoji appeared in the app in connection with replies to messages

However, let’s return to the topic of new responses to messages. The gate informs that until The job is already registered by the first users. The portal has also published first previews of what the feature will look like. 9to5google further adds that the Messages app currently only allows “translation” of responses from messages sent to the user from the iMessage app, i.e. from the iPhone’s SMS manager. The functionality was discovered in beta 10.7 of the News app.

When you tap on a message, Google News will show you that it’s ‘translated from iPhone’, 9to5google said.

Source:, Gvolkman (Twitter)

It is not yet known exactly when the feature will be commercially available to everyone or exactly how it will work. However, it appears that Google is increasing communication with new responses to messages received.

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