January 21, 2022

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Google has added improvements to Android Auto.  These features have been added

Google has added improvements to Android Auto. These features have been added

In recent days, Google has introduced innovations for Android Auto, which improve the use of the system in solving work issues, navigation, but also provide entertainment in the form of games or better recommendations from the Google Assistant. In his case, a new view of the environment while driving has been added. about the news Report to Google on his blog.

Some time ago, Google announced a change to the operating system of its Android Auto. He downloaded a separate smartphone app from the Play Store and advised users to use the new alternative only in the form of Google Assistant driving mode, available in the Google Maps environment or Android Auto built into supported vehicles.

As for this driving mode, it now offers a new view of on-board functions in which the user can easily choose music, messages or other frequently used applications while driving. After the new version, drivers can read received messages so they can better focus on driving.

In the case of navigation, Android Auto introduces the latest improved environment for the Waze app, which also has a night mode or support for route navigation. The latest navigation has fewer annoying elements in the environment.

In addition, support for mini-games collected by Google for Android Auto has been added in the new GameSnacks Center. Passengers can play new games, for example, while waiting in the parking lot. These are HTML5 web games, which will require the use of an internet connection.

If the smartphone supports DualSIM, the user can also choose one of the SIM cards for calls via Android Auto, and new work profiles will also appear. With them, Google allows you to view all relevant news and information from work on the car. This Android Auto profile features a small briefcase icon.

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