January 21, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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Google Fit lets you measure your heart rate and respiratory rate using the cameras on iPhones too

The result is more accurate if you do not move and breathe normally during the measurement.

iPhone users can also measure heart rate and respiratory rate through the camera in Google Fit. Information dedicate 9to5google portal.

At the beginning of the year, this application option was introduced for smartphones with the Android operating system, and after a new one it became also available for iOS. You don’t need any smartwatches to measure vital signs, the current version of the app and the camera are enough.

How it works?

To measure your heart rate, place your finger on the back camera and push gently. The result will be more accurate if you do not move and sit in a well-lit room or turn on the camera flash in a dark place.

All this takes about 30 seconds. Google tracks subtle changes in color in your fingers to check blood flow. The algorithms also consider lighting, skin tone, age, and other factors.

To measure your breathing, place your phone on a stable surface and sit in front of it. The front camera captures chest and head movements as well as the number of breaths and exhales per minute. Here, too, you need to sit still to achieve an accurate result. You shouldn’t forget about normal breathing either.

apps that they are working According to a similar principle, there is a mound in digital stores. We remind you that measuring through it will not replace a medical examination. If you feel unwell, you should see a specialist.