January 22, 2022

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Chrome internetovy prehliadac

Google explains how they made Chrome faster. This is behind the success of the browser!

Many of us use it Chrom, a browser from Google. Over the years, we have gotten used to it, either for its simplicity or for its syncing with its mobile version in our smartphone. Of course, the use of Chrome did not go without minor errors.

Due to his excessive use of RAM, a wave of criticism erupted against him and also earned a number of Memes. But Google leaves nothing to it and works in the background to improve its browser. He achieved this, for example JavaScript limitations On cards running in the background. The latest experiences from Google Workshop But they found a solution.

Recent experiences have shown that Almost 20 percent of browser windows are completely blocked by other windows. If these windows, which are covered, are treated as rear windows, significant performance benefits can be achieved.

Google has been working on cover-up, or in other words, blockage, for the past three years. They called this project clogged original windowBecause they want to know the state and location of the original non-Chrome windows on the user’s screen.

window cover detection

However, a problem arose in obtaining this data. Windows does not provide this information directly, so Chrome has to account for it by itself. If it’s just the Chrome windows themselves, the browser will be able to sort them, because it knows about them all and will know which window the others are covering. number Chrome needs to look at all windows outside the browserWhich the user can keep open and see if it is interfering with Chrome or not.

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Two components are important in this monitoring. The first is Calculation this is Clogging, which consists of determining whether other windows in front of the Chrome window are completely blocking the browser. Proceed from front to back. The second element is resolutionWhen this account is needed.

window cover calculation

In theory, this calculation is quite simple. But in practice, Chrome faces many obstacles, such as Having multiple screensAnd Virtual Desktops And much more. Google developers need to be more careful about this, because if the account shows that the window is obscured, but is in fact visible, then the area where the user expects web content will be white. Would definitely Did not improve the experience of using the browser.

But this blockage cannot be calculated all the timeBecause it will reduce browser performance. But here comes the Windows Help, which allows you to record changes, whether it’s moving windows, minimizing them, etc. So, when the change is detected, Chrome will trigger the blockage calculation action.

Well, it’s still a matter of balance, because Chrome doesn’t want to account for the blockage too much, but it doesn’t either You don’t want to miss an event that will make the window visible. Therefore, the cooperation of the operating system and the browser is very important.

As for any evaluation of the benefits of this feature? last yearAs this feature is available to all Chrome users (October 2020) it has arrived in Chrome More than positive results.

Even 25% faster browser startupA 3 percent reduction in graphics card usage or a 20 percent reduction in displayed images is just evidence that this feature from Google Workshop can be successful.

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