December 2, 2021

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Chrome 95

Google Chrome 95 releases: Check out the most important browser improvements you shouldn’t miss

You may not have noticed, but Google started distributing a new version of Chrome yesterday, which brings more news and improvements. Now let’s look at what has been added. Portal draws attention to new jobs

Payment protection improved

Online shopping can be risky in some situations, but Google strives to eliminate these risks as much as possible. Chrome 95 gets a new layer of protection for online payments.

The company’s goal is to make the payment process as simple as possible and at the same time as secure as possible for users. That is why it is launching a function that allows third parties, in particular banks, to Also requires biometric user authentication when authenticating paymentFor example, by scanning a user’s fingerprint.


Web applications may be preferred on the web

Another change that comes with the new version of Chrome is the so-called “URL Handlers”, i.e. URL handling. But what can we imagine underneath it? This feature is enabled by default Open Internet links in a web application (If the service or page has it). For users, this has a special feature that Web applications are like ‘real’ native apps. In other words, they are often more manageable if they have additional features compared to the web. For a better illustration, imagine that you are going to open online banking. Instead, after clicking on the login option, not a new page will open for you, but directly the original online banking application, like what you will find on a smartphone.

Open URLs in web applications


Surely you have ever seen on the Internet a photo that interests you, for example in a unique color. If you want to find out the shade of the color, then you should download the image and paste it, for example, into the SketchUp application, with which you know how to determine the shade of the color. So I decided to Google Enter the Eyedropper API in Chrome. These are development tools that allow developers to create the dropper function in an easier way, allowing users to discover the color code of interest to them directly on the web.

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The ability to save a group of cards

One of the features that Google brought to Chrome relatively recently is Possibility to create groups of cards. However, for some reason, the ability to store it was missing Thus, after closing the browser, the deck of cards disappeared. The latest feature is It appeared in the Chrome version, but as an experimental feature. You can run it after opening “chrome://flags” and searching for the “Tab Groub Save” function to turn it on. You will then be able to save the card combinations. In other words, you can create a deck of cards as usual, but instead of having to recreate it later, if you close it, you can simply ‘save’ the deck.

Save groups function tabs_chrome

If you are interested in more details about what the new version of the browser brings, we bring to your attention a video posted by Google regarding the release of Chrome 95.

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