January 22, 2022

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Goggio also won a Super-G race, interrupting Mowinckel’s Italian dominance

Today 12:35

Italian figure skater Sofia Giuggio also won the Super G Club World Cup on Sunday. In Val d´Isere, Norka Ragnhild Mowinckel led by 33 milliseconds, followed by the other Italian Elena Curtoni (+0.51 seconds).

You can watch the women of the Super-G in Vad d’Isere ONLINE at ŠPORT.sk >>

Slovakian actress and world-renowned defender Petra Valova has yet to start, and will focus on two giant slalom competitions at another French resort, Courchevel (December 21 and 22).

Saturday’s downhill winner, Goggio, was one of the biggest candidates the next day and took off the track with starting number 5. In the more technical preliminary segment, she was slower than most of her opponents, but in the lower segment she chose a straighter track. She used her riding skills especially between the third and fourth split time, where she developed critical leadership.

She has triumphed in her fifth sprint competition of the season, with three wins on the downhill and two in the super giant slalom. In total, she achieved her sixteenth championship at the World Championships. It consolidated its lead in the overall standings of the prestigious series, with a difference of 65 points over the American Michaela Shiffrin, who took fifth place (+0.75 seconds).

“Today was a different challenge, I have to always emphasize the role of favorite on the slopes, and not consider myself the strongest racer in the Super G. I think more of it on the slopes. I woke up this morning feeling really confident.” The 29-year-old said at Eurosport.

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The Italians did well on Sunday and for a while they also sought to dominate the entire stage. Cortone was a hundred ahead of his compatriot Federico Brignoni (+0.52sec). At first, Schiffrin’s ambition to get around the three was her first part, but she gradually lost out at the bottom and joined the Italians.

Nevertheless, Mowinckel succeeded, although the number 19 Norka did not endanger Goggio, but at least managed to push Curtoni and Brignone to third, respectively. fourth place.

Super-G SP results in Val d’Isere:

1. Sofia Gogova (tall) 1:19.23 min,

2. Ragnhild Mowinckel (NOR) +0.33sec,

3 – Elena Kortunova +0.51,

4. Federica Brignone (Both Tal.) +0.52,

5. Michaela Shivrinova (USA) +0.75,

6. Corinne Sutter (CHE) +0.80,

7 – Tamara Tiplerova +0.92,

8. Cornelia Hütter (both from Austria) +1.00,

9. Prezi Johnsonova (USA) +1,08,

10. Roman Miradolyova (Father) +1.24

World Championship standings (after 12 championships):

1. Goggio 635 points,

2 – chevron 570,

3 – Petra Flova (SR) 340

4 – Johnsonová 322,

5 – Brignonova 306,

6- Lara Gut Bahrami 298

Super-G (4) rating:

1 – Goggiová 320,

2 – Brignonova 227,

3 – Kortunova 216,

4 – Shivrinova 205,

5 – Gotova – Behramiova 180,

6- Moinkilova 158