January 22, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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God does not teach us how to be "children" - Milan Brigsha

God does not teach us how to be “children” – Milan Brigsha

It has occurred to each of us that we have seen the world, people, or events around us so decisively that one could say that we are “buddies”. Is it raining again? … he drives like an asshole! …what was he wearing to church? … Gained weight again … Divorced and started with such a young man … Our films have no standard …
Have you ever wondered if God calls us to this?

Relationships, work, neighbors, music, football, school – we can find millions of people everywhere making millions of mistakes. Many of these errors come to our eyes and cannot be overlooked. Others, in turn, affect us specifically and affect us. That’s what we call, we say out loud: “That mummy is parked in my place for the third time.” “…” In this English, I would be ashamed to say something in public. “

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We see faults in the people, relationships or things around us on a daily basis, we are surrounded by them, and this cannot be avoided. But the problem arises when, because of these errors and lack of humility, we suddenly cannot see through these errors the beauty and things worthy of praise or appreciation. This is when we become ‘young’. I’ll admit at first that I’m an optimist – often exaggerated for many. And while this article is not about comparing optimism and pessimism, it seems fair to me to point out from which site I’m writing.

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The man who knows God himself has a share in the most wonderful news in the world. God through Jesus showed his love for us by letting his Son die on the cross. And just because he loves us. If we accept the paternity of this deity, we receive a share in this wonderful inheritance in the form of eternal life. Whoever denies the son does not even have a father. He who acknowledges the son also has a father.“(1 John 2:23), “He who has a son has life. He who does not have a son has no life.(1 John 5:12)
However, this important point also means something other than eternal life. I mean the “change of heart” moment. Christians should not make us visit church on Sunday (though important), but have a relationship with the living God. Relationship with anyone is about dialogue, communication, inspiration and influence, time together. This also applies to our relationship with God, and in many places the Scriptures call us to communicate with God, whether through prayer or reading the Bible, there is so much that God can give us to change our behavior as well as our inner attitudes, and with God’s guidance we can change our language toward Our colleagues and our behavior in the car or our generosity towards the poor, thus showing the people around us a piece of God’s love here on earth.

As I mentioned humility in the introduction. I believe that if we fall into “hate,” we also fall into humility. And as smart as I can be, if God doesn’t want it, I don’t have what I’ve achieved. Nothing belongs to me, everything is from God – whether things are material (car, house, mobile…) or intangible (career, talent in art, acumen, talent for languages). Therefore, if I look at a person “from above”, this is a clear indication that I forgot about humility.

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It would be naive to think that God only gave me. Introduced both the annoying neighbor and the dilapidated actor on TV. It is a beautiful thing to look for signs of God’s grace on people. But let us also be careful not to fall into the Old Testament thinking that everyone of great standing automatically means many blessings from God. I will only cite a small example, in which you can imagine larger situations: if I could buy a higher iPhone, because it would take my friend to “work” without taxes, this is not a sign of God’s grace, but sin and deception, because the iPhone will obviously not be used by a friend for work, But I will use it for normal use.
However, we can clearly see the kind of family that God has blessed the singer whose songs I hate. We can also see how the neighbor standing in my place takes care of his grandparents.

When Jesus named the woman’s sins at the well, he did not do it “to make them,” but to show them to God, who longs to forgive them. We can show God’s love.

So we have the wonderful news that God loves us with a love that saves us. We also know that we are not something we can be proud of on our own, but only from the blessings of God. It is also clear to us that God blesses the people around us. And there are so many blessings we can learn all along. So why do we “swallow” the people, relationships, jobs, artists, or schools around us? I dare say it because we forget these great joys of God. But if we devote more time to God, we will see that He constantly reminds us, every step of the way, to sanctify our time, and spend it with God, whether in prayer or reading the Bible.

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I often fall into this, often confessing to God that my mouth is full of other people’s mistakes. So I don’t write it feeling like I can teach this major. On the contrary, it gives me great pleasure to know that I can recognize this failure that the Lord God has revealed to me. This is not an issue of course either.

We will try to see people, culture or work from the perspective that, as Christians, we have the greatest reason for joy and we are grateful to God for all that we are good at. I believe that with this delightful lens our mouths will generate more wonder at beautiful things than at pointing out the faults of others.