January 29, 2022

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Giant women’s slalom analysis: Is Hova on stage again?

Today 10:37

After a one-year hiatus, the World Cup is back abroad, with women appearing on the slopes in Killington. There is a second giant slalom on the program this season.


The biggest pressure on Mikael Shifrin?

Michaela Schiffrin won the traditional opening event ahead of Lara Gutová-Behrami, Petra Vlhová trailed by more than a second in third, but was still satisfied with her performance over Austria’s Soelden Glacier.

The winner of five mega World Cup races and world champion two years ago from this discipline last week at Levi showed that she has warmed up well outside the Arctic Circle. She demonstrated the fastest of four races and, thanks to her full points gain, even made it to the top of the general classification. However, this is not a priority, partial successes are important and others will want to sign up for the mega slalom at Killington.

Michaela Shiffrin had health issues in front of Levi, but she still wasn’t 100% comfortable. Thus opens the opportunity for Marta Basinova or Lara Gutova Bahrami. The Italian “giant” did not come out in Soelden when she did not finish the first round, but she did win in Killington for the last time.

What we recommend to guess:

L. Gutová-Behramiová 1

P. Velhova 1-3

Petra finished last in the shortened “picture” for sixth, but now she’s still able to get up and the stage isn’t unrealistic. Best win for Lara Gut Bahrami, who looks like the best prepared.