October 22, 2021

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Giant battery and thermal imaging in one device!

Giant battery and thermal imaging in one device!

Can you imagine what a smartphone equipped not only with a durable body, but also with a giant battery with a capacity of 8580 mAh looks like, for only 250 euros? The answer to this question is provided by Blackview, which is launching the new BV6600 Pro.

The BV6600 Pro is the third phone to feature FLIR or Blackview’s thermal imaging technology. However, this year the technology is not only more advanced, it is also more affordable.

BV6600 Pro: More than a day’s battery life

Let’s start with perhaps the most unique feature, which is the battery. The hardware in the BV6600 Pro delivers a capacity of 8580mAh, which is 53% more than the standard on the market today. The device will last for 22 hours during normal use, such as surfing the Internet or social networking. This number increases even more in the so-called standby or rest mode, where the BV6600 Pro is able to survive for up to 430 hours, which is less than 18 days.

BV6600 Pro: A new view of the world

Another attraction is thermal imaging, which together with the BV6600 Pro offers you a new way to perceive photography and the world around you in general. As the name suggests, it perceives things based on temperature. It is integrated directly into the device, which means that you can share the resulting images directly on social networks.

In practice, many uses for this camera can be found. Thanks to him, the smartphone will be a useful assistant when repairing electrical or mechanical problems in cars, heating problems, watching wildlife during a walk in the forest in the evening or in general detecting anomalies that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It should also be noted that the thermal imager is non-invasive, non-contact and non-destructive compared to other control systems.

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