January 22, 2022

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Gianluigi Buffon: Cristiano Ronaldo? Juventus lost their DNA because of him

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In the 2017 Champions League Final, Juventus lost to Real Madrid by a 1:4 margin. Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals. A year later, Turin consolidated, and it was destined to be the last piece of the puzzle to European success.

During the Portuguese’s three-year era at the club, the Italian giants withdrew from the Champions League twice in the eighth final and once in the quarter-finals. And he got the shields of clubs from the second series of Ajax, Lyon and Porto. He even lost nine years of Serie A dominance last season. The fingers of many point to the five-time best footballer on the planet.

“In the first year after Ronald’s arrival, Juventus had a chance to win the Champions League. I couldn’t figure out what happened” TUDN Captain and former idol of Juventus Gianluigi Buffon. Ronald spent his first year in Italy with Paris Saint-Germain, then returned to Turin.

“After coming back, I worked with Ronald for two years and we did a good job. However, I think Juventus lost the DNA of a teammate. We achieved the 2017 Champions League final thanks to the fact that we had an experienced team, but above all we were united. We lost it after the arrival of Ronald,” added the Parma goalkeeper for the time being.

Buffon is not the first to think that Ronald’s presence at Juventus has had a negative effect. The columns of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci were in the same vein.

Even the current coach of the “old lady” Massimiliano Allegri, who led Juventus in the first season after the arrival of Ronaldo Tells Management: “Get rid of Ronald. It hinders the development of the team and the club itself.”

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Former club president Giovanni Gigli was held in August of this year expressed Similarly: “Ronald’s arrival was a mistake. He is a great player, but the earlier he leaves, the better for Juventus. It hurts the offensive game. Without him, Juventus plays as a team and is much stronger.”

Ronaldo returned to Manchester United that month. Without him, Juventus won the group against the Chelsea defender in the Champions League, but are only fifth in the league with a 12-point loss to Inter Milan’s header. Ronaldo scored 13 goals and assisted 2 in 18 matches with United. He helped Juventus win two league titles and a national cup.