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Ghana was very popular in our country during the period of socialism, and “our” Czechoslovakia was once again very popular among the Gankans, especially with those who were looking for opportunities to study abroad. This was aided by Ghana’s pro-socialist orientation and the assistance that the former Gold Coast received from socialist countries during the struggle for independence. Ghana had the highest standard of living in all of black Africa during British colonial rule. The British invested here to be able to use rich agricultural materials/cocoa/ and raw materials/gold and diamonds…/. Thanks to the leadership qualities of Ghana’s founder and later / 1957 / its first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana became the first independent country in sub-Saharan Africa. Nkrumah was one of the heroes and founding fathers of Free Africa and a pioneer of Pan-Africanism.

Many former students from Ghana stayed with us even after graduation, and on the contrary, many Slovaks followed their newly studied spouses to Ghana. Contacts between the two countries survived until Ghana became politically “turbulent” during the military coup in the mid-1960s and after the collapse of socialist society and after the coup. Rowling is also an economic problem. After Rowling’s departure, the traditionally oriented economy focused on cocoa beans, lumber, palm oil, coconut, and coffee, but also on mining diamonds, gold, manganese, and bauxite. This is evidenced by the transformation of the capital, Accra, into a modern city with many skyscrapers. Today in Ghana, Slovakia is almost unknown and the strong orientation towards the Soviet Union has been replaced by frosty relations with both Russia and the United States, and relations with China are strengthening.

Ghana is a smaller country by African standards. It covers an area of ​​239,567 square kilometers and has a population of 32 million. Animators/particularly Voodoo/ make up 38%, Christian/mostly Protestant/43%, Muslim 11%. The country has a strong educational structure, transportation and energy infrastructure that is above average for African conditions. The capital and important transportation / air and freight / hub is Accra / about 2 million people /.

We came to Ghana/Accra/ by boat. Our Slovak friends arrived from Germany and expanded the Slovak enclave on board Maxim Gorky to 8 people. / If the other three come, we might try to take over the whole ship – it would be like Janos at the robber’s party… /.

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We started our journey around Ghana traditionally, in the capital, Accra. As mentioned earlier, today it is a modern city, equipped to the highest standards by African standards. The center is decorated with skyscrapers, glass and concrete buildings. Streets are like boulevards in width and have sidewalks and street drains here and there! City dropouts are solved by level crossings and roundabouts. In the city you will find supermarkets and hypermarkets almost like in Europe. There are also shopping and entertainment centers with multiple complexes.

What is interesting in Ghana and Accra is that in addition to the government cramped quarters and administrative and commercial centers, there are also elegant neighborhoods of apartment houses and villas for the center. upper middle classes. The typical slums of other African megacities are somewhat less poor and relatively few in the Accra region.

The local guide took us past all the major government buildings and then gave us a break in Dr. K. Park. Novoma. The central place here is occupied by his gilded statue / As in a country called the Gold Coast… /. In the background behind the statue is a monument to the victorious people who attained the desired independence. Greenery in the garden and sidewalk maintenance is not much. The green spaces in front of the representative Movenpick Hotel are on a different level. remotely, Resp. After thinking about palms, you think you are in Europe. He was on the level as well. We tried it because we had lunch here – kind of a mixture of African and British hospitality.

On the streets of Accra / As in other countries of black Africa, we were attracted by a number of albinos. Their occurrence around the equator is said to grow in Africa. It is interesting to look at them – unless one remembers that their fate was so cruel here in equatorial Africa in the past. The shamans accused Albinos of all possible natural disasters, family accidents or war failures, often paying for them with massacres and their lives. It’s a little better now, but it’s far from ideal.

Exploration of Ghana continued by driving into the countryside, into a nature reserve, and we finished the short Ghanaian Anapas base in a water reservoir and hydroelectric power station on the Volta River. A good asphalt road led us through a country rising slowly along not very African-looking villages, along fields and farms to secluded hilly savannah views, formed from huge boulders strewn with shrubs. We parked in the parking lot in front of the old one-story houses. There was a gate with “SHAI HILLS NATIONAL PARK” on it. We got out of the car and started looking at the pictures and information shown here on the posters. We were soon greeted by a local ranger, and we began walking through the park.

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The fact that we didn’t go on the traditional safari but on foot was no longer a good sign. He meant that the last lions in the park were other respected large predators. These poor “Big Five” members are pictured on posters at the entrance to the National Party. As we walked in the heat under the onslaught of the tropical sun, our obsession was that in NP this former “dead dog” was becoming more and more satisfying. We came under great granite cliffs and the ranger pointed his finger at the rocks and in an excitedly adjusted voice told us that up there, sitting on boulder upon boulder, he was watching the dominant alpha monkey. Wonderful. We tried to roll our eyes, but apart from the suspicious brown things, which could be stones like monkeys, we didn’t see much. We set the telephoto lens to maximum and took a “capture with the monkey” photo. Judge for yourself whether it exists or not.

Then we climbed the hill about two kilometers and then surrendered. Summa Summarum in NP Shai Hills/Maybe/we saw a monkey connected. The monkeys, and a few eagles, heard some singers and two or three lizards on the rocks on the road. On the way back, the ranger lamented that we didn’t have more time, because the NP is extensive and most animals are said to be about a six to seven hour walk from where we are. I do not know

We came to the car properly wrecked. Not so much the length of the walk as was the equatorial sun that plagued me during it. In the houses where the guards used to live with their families, the women and their children looked at us curiously. White tourists may not be a common sight here.

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The journey continued into the Ghanaian countryside to the Kloyo Mountains, the Volta River and to the Akosombo hydroelectric power station and dam, on which had been erected since the time of K.Nkrumah. Again, we walked about an hour along the dam lake to the dam wall and then walked for an hour. Along the way, we saw some boats on which fishermen tested their fortunes in fishing with the help of nets. We also saw their bird competitors. It seemed to us that the dam and its surroundings were more established than Tea Hills National Park.

The last stop on a Ghana tour was the tourist town of Adome, with the eponymous Adome Bridge over the Volta River. There was a smaller market before entering the complex with the hotel, swimming pools and fountains. Who knows how the shopkeepers went, because there was no one in the area but local visitors and us.

Unfortunately, we were not further inside. However, we learned from our Slovak friends who are there that it is possible to see interesting places in the mountains where gold and diamonds are mined. In some mines, the traditional form of mining / road excavation / is used, in others modern mining equipment is used. It was said that the miners were so surprised by the visit of the whites that they did not have time to protest when the Slovak tourists took a good photo there. They even loved being told interesting things about their often risky job.

Ghana is quite different from the surrounding African countries in terms of industrialization, urbanization and lifestyle. It must be visited so that Europeans can see how Africa can move forward when it has the raw materials and well educated human resources to develop it.

Ghana is not an eldorado for wildlife lovers. Instead, it’s an eldorado for brave entrepreneurs who love riskier business. You will not lose the excitement. The African business is very rich in catches and predators.

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