December 2, 2021

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German liberal leader Lindner aspires to become finance minister, and the Green Party wants a position

German liberal leader Lindner aspires to become finance minister, and the Green Party wants a position

In Germany, coalition talks are still underway to form a new government that will come to power after the departure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The shape of the new coalition depends to a large extent on the position of two “smaller” parties: the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party.

The SPD with its electoral leader Olaf Schulz should be able to form a government, but the FDP, once again led by ambitious Christian Lindner, is back in the balance.

according to Politico portal The SPD, the Greens and the FDP have agreed on the basic structure of their future alliance and will continue with more detailed coalition negotiations.

Since last week, nearly three hundred people from three parties have participated in the negotiations, which are divided into 22 working groups. One deals, for example, with climate protection, and the other with the state of democracy.

Working groups are due to present their views by November 10, and in the event of disagreements between the parties, party leaders will then work to overcome them. The goal is to have a government headed by Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD) by December 6.

According to analyst Milan Ne, this stage of the negotiations will mainly be about what the “stronger” parties such as CDU/CSU or SPD can offer to the “smaller” parties.

It is expected to claim the ministries of finance, environment, transport, economy and foreign affairs. The FDP’s position is simpler because it has a strong president and a sense of victory. On the other hand, the Greens have waited longer and do not have such a unified leadership,” explains an expert from the German Foreign Policy Council.

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Lindner based the FDP’s policy on lower taxes, civil rights protections, or a smaller welfare state. Lindner said immediately after the election that he wanted to join the coalition.

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Although he prefers CDU/CSU as a partner, he can also negotiate with SPD and the Greens. The Social Democrats, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party will form a coalition of three parties that experts call “traffic lights” for the party colors.

Lindner, 42, is now described by the media as one of Germany’s best young politicians, who can also speak in a broader context. Sometimes he deviates from liberal politics: for example, in 2015, when he criticized Chancellor Merkel’s plan to accept hundreds of thousands of refugees. Two years later, the FDP was part of coalition negotiations, but Lindner eventually left. He said that he could not implement the policy of the FDP and that the party would not get a fair deal.

Then some colleagues on the side criticized Lindner’s preference for himself.

Before that, however, he managed to bring the FDP back into Parliament and almost made it a ruling party. “It is better not to judge at all than to judge poorly,” he said. Lindner could also be a populist step out of the way so that the FDP no longer loses percentages as in 2013.

A new beginning

Lindner then worked to be seen by the public as a progressive leader. During his speeches in the Bundestag, he criticized the government coalition, including its measures to combat the epidemic.

FDP politician Wolfgang Kubicki has written a book on how the COVID-19 virus is undermining the rule of law, and Lindner He said: “The pandemic has shown that you can count on the FDP when it comes to civil rights. The exceptional situation has distorted liberalism in our country.”

Lindner has not denied the existence of the virus, but has criticized individual measures. For example, he described the use of quarantine as a “medieval method”.

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The FDP presented itself in the election campaign as a party that would prevent Germany from leaning further to the left. The FDP wants to promote personal freedom and entrepreneurship, and in the past had a partisan reputation for rich and old men. Perhaps that is why Lindner said after the election that he would like to see “one or two young men or three of us” in the Cabinet.

In the campaign, he focused on improving infrastructure and education, digitizing, and before that he changed the party’s slogan to look more modern. The “liberals” should now be part of a new government, which according to some estimates could be formed in early December.

Lindner talks about a “fresh start”. His path to power took several decades. He joined the Free Democratic Party when he was sixteen years old. During the year, he became the head of the FDP for secondary school students in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

He was nicknamed “Bambi” according to the Disney cartoon character. He later studied political science at the University of Bonn and joined the German Air Force. He was elected to the Bundestag in 2009 and four years later became chairman of the Free Democratic Party.

Under his leadership, the FDP is able to attract young voters who also vote for the Green Party. Lindner is active on social networks, where he tries to present his achievements, emphasizing his appearance. on instagram Add Vacation suits with his partner. He did not often talk about his privacy, but before the election he gave an interview on the Avenue, in which he said that he would like to start a family.

He wants the Ministry of Finance

At the same time, Lindner sought to persuade the FDP and the Green Party to overcome differences of opinion. He supports other ambitious politicians within his party. FDP member Gerhardt Bohm for Deutsche Welle He saidHe does what he can to support the party’s young members, both men and women. He has decided that he wants to get rid of the impression that the Freedom Party is one man’s side.

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It is currently unclear whether Lindner will also become a minister in the new government. He wants to be Minister of Finance, although he has no experience in finance and was not a member of the government previously.

According to political scientist Frank Decker I want The Ministry of Finance also because it is “the most important position in the government after the position of the Federal Chancellor”. At the same time, the FDP could more easily pursue its ambitions before the elections. SPD, Greens and FDP in mid-October is over Interim agreement on green energy.

However, Robert Habeck of the Green Party is also interested in the position of finance minister. Adam Toze, Professor at Columbia University explainThat in the battle of the German Finance Ministry, the future of Europe is also decided.

Lindner and the FDP talk about low taxes, debt reduction and a tough stance towards Germany’s European partners. They will tackle the climate crisis with private investment and carbon-footprint prices. The Green Party has put climate change first, and therefore they are in favor of large-scale investment, and greater Germany’s debt brake. , and a pro-European policy that continues to co-finance debt-financed investments. In these areas, the differences between the FDP and the Greens are the largest, and therefore the Treasury is crucial,” Toze wrote.