December 2, 2021

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German Cup: The votes after the Slovakia-Switzerland match

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The Slovak national hockey team achieved great success at the German Cup in Krefeld. Coach Craig Ramsey’s teams defeated Switzerland 7:1 and created an excellent starting position ahead of the event’s next two games.

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The Slovaks play on Saturday night against the Russian Olympic team, and on Sunday afternoon against the local Germans. The Russians defeated the Germans 4:3 in the first duel. The first duel of the Slovaks in the tournament was affected by the positive test of two Slovak players for COVID-19, and they did not interfere in the duel against the Swiss as well as the other players who found themselves in quarantine.

The result of the duel was opened in the third minute by Dávid Gríger, who was also adjusted to 2: 1 in the 30th minute and later scored the assist. The Swiss only scored midway through the first half, when Enzo Corvi tied 1:1. In the third period, Michal Krzysztof first increased to 3:1 in a power game, after which both Adrián Holešinský and Martin Vitaloš scored in the empty net.

At the end of the battle, Samuel Takai and Andre Kollar also entered the list of shooters. In the end, this was the highest victory for the Slovaks over the Swiss in history, as the Slovak players managed to compensate for the opponent’s 1:8 loss from the 2021 World Cup in Riga, Latvia. The Slovaks defeated the Swiss after five long years, before the latter (4:1) in the German Cup in November 2016.

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Hockey players from Slovakia

Source: TASR

“Awesome, we won and a big difference. I think it will give us such energy and confidence in the upcoming matches. It was frantic before the duel and less than two hours before the match we didn’t know if we were going to play at all.. but we were all professionals and joined in” It’s amazing We did it for the kids who couldn’t come.” Gríger, 26, of Poprad, who operates club-wide in Liberec, North Bohemia, commented.

“It was tough, the Swiss skated the whole match very well. After the first half it was better, we were at the pace, trying to play easy and not give them a chance after our mistakes. Great, we are looking forward to it. In I do not expect a simpler duel on Saturday, because The Russians are very excellent skaters,” Added according to the Slovak Ice Hockey Association (SZĽH).

The first duel in the national team was completed by 17-year-old striker Philippe Mishar from Poprad. He introduced himself with one help. “I really enjoyed making my debut in the national team. I played in the attacking first formation and in strong play, so I had great players around me who supported me throughout the match. I have to pay tribute to the whole team – we fought and marched for victory, boy, because we showed that we are a team Excellent. I’m happy to help, but the victory is the most important, but I have to be stronger and more accurate at the ends because I have enough shots.” resident.

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Hockey: Slovakia – Switzerland

Source: TASR

Experienced Michael Krishtof scored four points for a Canadian against the Swiss, and in addition to one accurate hit, he also had three assists. “What happened in the afternoon was fantastic. It is not every day that we beat Switzerland by six goals. We have to understand why we won. We played responsibly and as a team. If we play like this, we don’t have to worry about it. We can win. It’s hard to get used to the fact that we play three formations, it was important to not have long substitutions, and then we got used to that and it was great.” The 28-year-old Komita Brno player thinks.

After a smooth victory, in addition to the players, the coaches can also please. “In the context of what happened, it is a very good result, but there is no need to overestimate it, because we scored two goals in an empty goal. Overall it was a very difficult match. It was a good start, but we were under pressure from the middle of the first half. And in playing strength and balance. We couldn’t handle the Swiss attack, they were all over the place and we lost a lot of light pucks in our area.

In the second period, the power games helped us, which we didn’t play very well, but we were more in the puck and more in the attack zone. In the third period, we were definitely a better team, had good movement and were strong working with the hockey stick. We got a lot of pucks and we had the chance. It was a successful duel on our part,” Ramsay aide Jan Bardawi told SZĽH and added before Saturday’s fight against the Russians: “The Russians always bring a young team here, it’s no different now. They are very affordable and very well done.”

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