October 23, 2021

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Gas Station Simulator je hitom na Steame

Gas Station Simulator is a new hit on Steam

In addition to featuring the latest challenging and challenging triathlete games, the game world is adorned with small but sometimes more fun games. Gas Station Simulator could hold one of these stories. As the name suggests, you will be running your own gas station in the game.

The gas station simulator from Drago Entertainment is currently at number three on the list of best-selling products on Steam. Only Deathloop and Timberburn ahead of him.

In Gas Station Simulator, players will be at the forefront of a whole new business opportunity. After buying their abandoned gas station – The Dust Bowl – budding entrepreneurs have the task of restoring its former glory. During the game, players will have to expand the services of their station as they try to keep up with the demands of its customers.

The game contains the best and funniest memories about gas stations. From refueling cars at the pump to taking care of customers on the go to changing tires at the workshop. Let’s tell the truth. How many times when you were a kid you wanted to refuel yourself.

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In an effort to keep players down, the game offers more than just showing the brutal side of running your gas station. Taking out the basket and shoveling the shop station are some of the daily tasks that players will have to master to maintain a high level in their business. This means that work-life balance will depend on the company’s potential new owners. The game also offers many mini games, for example also a basketball hoop that you can visit and try to get a high score in it.

according to SteamDB Gas Station Simulator has reached a peak of 5,619 players concurrently since its launch yesterday (September 15). Players who want to experience the work of refueling cars can download a copy of Gas Station Simulator from the Steam store site, which includes a free demo of the game. The game itself is currently listed at a 10% discount through September 22nd. In addition, the game has a translation in the Czech language.

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