November 30, 2021

Beyond Going Long

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Gamer, gamer everywhere

Gamer, gamer everywhere

It is not completely incomprehensible. People come here, they open their mouths in amazement, fall on their butts in surprise, etc. They are mainly, but not only, tourists, today such familiar skilled (although in Gemer it is more kontex than urbex), and, of course, many Gemer people. But there are also those who prefer to go somewhere far. Often, but not as often as it might seem, are the people who live on Gemer. If they don’t like it here. Rather, the fact that although our country has been proud of its low unemployment rate in recent years, this is not the case in Gemeri. The unemployment rate is high and finding a job in the area is not easy.

Well, that’s what to do with it.

How to achieve that the increased interest in Gemer on the part of the former is beneficial for the latter, respectively, for all. Perhaps it is enough to raise it a little here (who coined the word?) and teach people to fish (figuratively speaking, of course).

The classic asks: What do you do? (Again, Lenin, for the last time today). Well, maybe this:

  1. To create a foundation to be funded primarily from local resources, which would help finance the owners’ contribution to antiquities restoration projects. Despite all that has been said here, there is also a thriving business at Gemer, and people would definitely like to contribute if they saw that making sense. For a municipality with dozens or hundreds of residents or a church congregation with dozens or hundreds (sometimes units) of members who apply for a grant to restore a monument in their ownership, it is usually very difficult, if not impossible, to contribute . Her own contribution is hundreds or thousands of euros. This can help;
  2. to set up trust fund, where objects of historical value and architectural value can be obtained through purchase or long-term lease, not just state-registered monuments. exactly the contrary. Throughout Gemer, many old technical devices, historical buildings and elements of folk architecture are crumbling before our eyes. For many, it would be a last-minute rescue. And for many, it’s too late (next time). After a delicate, I repeat, delicate (delicate !!!) restoration so that their historical value and elements of architectural value are preserved or highlighted, these objects can be used, for example, for business, tourism or community purposes (it would be good, if he decided Residents of the designated municipality in such a case the purpose of the community). Other fund activities may be financed from the income thus generated;
  3. Create an agency (or thus commission some well-functioning and reliable organization) to systematically support small businesses. Systematic in the sense that we find people who may want to do business but do not have the courage, the financial resources, or the knowledge. We will provide them with thorough preparation and also support them during the first year or two of their real business (which relates to fishing, figuratively speaking). The second pillar of this support could be microcredit;
  4. Systematic promotion of sustainable employment for low-skilled and hard-to-recruit people through various forms of social entrepreneurship.
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Gemer could thrive (there is evidence that this was the case in the past) if we wanted to.

I think so.