October 22, 2021

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From volleyball: Ján Pardavý evaluates the 2021 Hockey World Cup entry

From volleyball: Ján Pardavý evaluates the 2021 Hockey World Cup entry

Riga, Bratislava. Apart from the hotel and stadium, they are not allowed anywhere. Life in the Bubble At the World Hockey Championships in Riga, Latvia, there are strict rules.

“It’s not a good idea to be closed like that. There’s a security guard in front of the hotel, it’s like the FBI, and if you go out, you’ll end up in a tournament,” Jan Bardavi said on Stanislav Peñat’s talk show zi Volig.

According to the assistant national coach, none of the Slovak players have yet tried to get around the restrictions. It will automatically end the tournament.

“The batsman who would like to end up in the tournament should be himself. It’s easy in this. All you have to do is go in front of the hotel and go home,” Bardaw smiled.

The fire alarm is asleep

Its neighbors in adjacent rooms are Andrej Podkonický and Oto Haščák. Thanks to the thick walls, he is not even known to exist.

“When there was a fire alarm before the World Cup at 2 am, I didn’t hear anything. I don’t know if I had a broken detector or if the walls were really thick. The other boys said it was a horrible sound. In the morning I told them they would probably just leave me burning there. Bardawi said lightly.

Everyone has their own roles in the technical staff. The work of assistants consists mainly of preparing video analytics and analyzing opponents.

“Everyone has their own computer and hard drive. We use one editing software with which you can cut and edit the video. Then we show the players in the meetings what we can do best.”

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Says negative things without shouting

He also has interesting experiences with coach Craig Ramsey. Its ends are straight from the inverter.

“Craig is a great guy and a lot of fun. He just happened to figuratively choke me on the swing. I told him after the match what if someone took a picture. How am I going to explain it then? They might think I did something wrong about the swing,” Bardawi laughed.

The Canadian coach makes a very calm impression on the substitute. He has not shown any negative feelings yet. What are its properties?

“He can say things in a very calm manner and without shouting. However, all the players know that they need to pick up speed. I still admire his ability to notice such details in the game that other coaches don’t score.”

Will Conrad return to the target?

Goalkeeper Branislav Konrad was injured by the Slovaks in the second match of the World Cup with Great Britain. His health is not dangerous, but his return is still in doubt.

“It wasn’t serious enough for him to travel home. I think it will get better for him and still be able to start. However, Julo Hudáček is still doing excellent,Bardawi said.

According to a native of Trenchen, working with a young team is a great experience.

“You can see their great desire during training. The speed and aggressiveness of our team is really great. I think people in Slovakia also enjoy our hockey.

Particular attention is also paid to the youngest player of the Slovak team – Juraj Slafkovsky.

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“At 17, he plays really great hockey. She still has minor flaws in the game. He makes mistakes sometimes, but overall I see him as a huge talent in Slovak hockey.

He is incredibly well prepared physically. He has a great shot and doesn’t knock his knees, although he plays against older and louder opponents. I think he will be able to make a name for himself in the National Hockey League as well,” praised the talented Slovakian Bardao.