November 28, 2021

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France threatens Britain with new sanctions over fisheries dispute

France threatens Britain with new sanctions over fisheries dispute

Britain has not yet issued all the fishing licenses applied for by French vessels.

October 28, 2021 7:24 AM TASR

London / Paris. The dispute between Britain and France over fisheries rights after Brexit erupted again on Wednesday after France threatened to disrupt trade with Britain and impose new sanctions until French ships enter British waters. AFP and Reuters reported the news Thursday night.

Britain has not yet issued all the fishing licenses that French vessels apply for under the Brexit access agreement. This angered the Paris government and worried fishermen who were worried about their livelihood.

Therefore, France on Wednesday released a list of sanctions that could take effect on November 2. For example, restrictions on border and health restrictions on goods imported from Britain, or restrictions on the entry of British ships into certain French ports. Sanctions could also affect energy supplies from France to Britain.

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French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said France was losing patience. The British government called these threats from France “disappointing.” According to Britain, the proposed sanctions are disproportionate. “This is not something we expect from a close partner and partner,” a British government spokesman said.

British Brexit Minister David Frost has said on social networking site Twitter that Britain will ask France for clarification and will consider retaliating. According to Frost, Britain has not yet officially discussed the matter with France.

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The dispute between France and Britain involved the issuance of a fishing license in British waters 6 to 12 nautical miles off the coast of Britain. This also applies to the waters surrounding Jersey and the pro-British Crown.

For example, tensions in the dispute between France and Britain led to Britain sending patrol boats to Jersey in May after France threatened to block the British island.