January 28, 2022

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France rejects joint patrol with Britain on English Channel

France rejects joint patrol with Britain on English Channel

Can no longer be accepted because of the sovereignty of France.

Paris Prime Minister Jean Costex has rejected a proposal by his British colleague Boris Johnson For joint patrols in the fight against the English Channel crisis, immigrants are trying to get to Britain in small boats. DPA reported.

Costக்ஸ்s sent a letter to the French news agency AFP on Thursday in a letter to Johnson saying that France could not “agree” to patrol his territory by British police or soldiers because of its sovereignty.

Johnson calls for an agreement with France on the return of immigrants. France, in turn, proposes an agreement between the EU and the British side, which will lead to a division of labor between the UK and the rest of the English Channel.

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According to Paris, legal immigration to Britain should be made because it has not yet taken the role of asylum seekers.

Last week, 27 people were killed when a boat capsized in the English Channel on its way to Britain. This year, more than 25,700 people have crossed the strait, more than three times the total number of such migrants last year.

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