January 29, 2022

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Founded among the first in the city.  They pass on the family business for generations

Founded among the first in the city. They pass on the family business for generations

RIMAVSKÁ SOBOTA – Optika MIOK was founded in 1990, when Milan Okruhlica came to Rimavska Sobota from Bratislava with the assignment of state optometrist. The work of an optometrist has already become his mission and he has passed on his expertise to future generations.

Over time, his daughter Júlia Okruhlicová also joined the optics industry, which, in addition to working with him for many years, acquired the family business in 2016. In 2020, as a representative of the next generation, it was acquired by Patrik Okruhlica, who continues to expand and expand the family business with his mother.

“In memory of my grandfather, there are also reminders of his drawings placed on the sign above the main entrance to the optics, as well as on the family plaques inside the optics,” Current owner Patrick Okruhlica told Rimava.sk.

As he himself emphasized, in the world of glasses it is necessary to constantly learn. Newer procedures and lens variants are emerging. “The various seminars or large exhibitions we go to are used to give an overview of new information and new goods. Instruments that are used to measure vision more accurately are also being invented, and thanks to these seminars we can improve the world of optics,” Okruhlica explained.

Special training is required to work as an optometrist or optometrist. Based on this fact, the optics may also differ. Opticians work mainly in sales, for example, they order replacement and grinding of glass from suppliers. These optics guarantee fast service and the slides will be prepared for you directly at the branch.

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On average, MIOK optics can offer you a set of about a hundred frames. Of course, this number is variable and if the inventory is sold out, the optician will insure the goods from various suppliers. “There are a lot of brands in the market. I mainly choose goods that I know can be liked by customers, and of course I am. It also depends on the offer from dealers, but I will never leave optics without merchandise. They must be replenished on an ongoing basis as necessary. “. It is to explain.

In optics, they also try to make sure that each customer has their own frame. “I also have experience with the arrival of a customer who wanted similar glasses to her friend, who told her about our optics. So they brought the glasses that the customer liked and ordered the same frame. We try to satisfy our customers and communicate with them directly” specific.

If the customer also chooses a tire, then the owner will honestly tell him whether it suits him or not. “He may not really love him, but he does want him very much, so I’ll tell him it’s up to him.” added.

According to the owner, it is not so important to choose the frame from the customer only from an aesthetic point of view. It should fit in all aspects especially in functional aspects. Don’t worry if you’re asked about your business and what glasses to use when choosing an eye care professional. This is very important when choosing and preparing them.

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“I reach out and ask clients which glasses will be used and how often they will be worn. There is often a difference, for example, if clients only need office paper and computer glasses, or just one of them. It would be counterproductive for the client to choose a nice frame, or if It wouldn’t fit in his nose, or if it was small and so on. Then bigger problems could arise.” It is to explain.

When buying glasses, it is important to treat them well. You will receive various tips and training on how to take care of them. MIOK optics also has a wide range of accessories, such as wires, holsters, bumpers, cloths and sprays, that help remove glass quickly. On their offer you will also find sunglasses, which may or may not be adjusted with diopters.

Have your glasses ever been dropped, for example, partly dropped, broken, or crooked? You don’t have to think long and hard about who to turn to. Yes, they can help you solve such problems in optics and save your glasses.

Did you know that ultrasonic eyeglasses can be cleaned?

If your glasses are in such a condition that you cannot clean them in the usual way, you can visit these optics and they will take care of cleaning them thanks to the ultrasound technology. With this technique, not only can glasses be cleaned more thoroughly, but they can also help you get gold or silver chains and earrings without stones.

If you are not sure about your diopter and feel you will need it stronger, but you cannot currently see an ophthalmologist, MIOK Optics offers you the option of measuring your eyesight or your diopters. If your optometrist discovers something is wrong while measuring your eyesight, he or she will immediately refer you to an ophthalmologist.

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An optometrist will in no way replace an eye doctor and you need to have a thorough examination with your eye doctor on a regular basis. “Just as you go to the zonal doctor, you also need to see an ophthalmologist. They can detect defects that the patient did not know at the time and can detect them in time. The scan may also detect a cataract, so the procedure is easier if it’s caught earlier. Prevention is important.” It is to explain.